FC Barcelona: Jordi Alba: “Signings? I’ve always had competition”

JOrdi Alba acknowledges that there is hope in the locker room with the arrival of signings and the good dynamics that the team has taken in preseason. Regarding the possible arrival of competition, he says he is not worried.

sign competition

“I’ve always been open. It’s normal for Barça to have the best. I’ve always had competition. They’ve always looked for players in my position. I think we have to take into account what we have at home. Balde is very young, he’s interesting and it’s a club decision. This is my opinion.”


“You have to see that throughout the season. There are high-quality signings”

season on a personal level

“What I’ve always tried to do. Add statistics, both in attack and defense. Try to be at the highest level. You’re getting older and you have to take much more care of yourself. This year is different because of the World Cup that catches us in the middle of the season. There will be time to think about the World Cup. If I do well with my club, I will have more chances of being there. You don’t have to relax because today any player can take your place. I accept it”.

Reception in the US

“I’ve seen a lot of people from Barça. Whenever we come here, we notice the affection of the people. I think the people have had a good time. It’s a friendly, but the Clásicos don’t have any friendlies at all”.


“For us it is a pride that a player of that quality comes. He is going to give us a lot. He made Bayern much bigger than it already was. He is going to help us a lot. He is a kid who has come with a lot of enthusiasm, he knows how to communicate , has entered the locker room very well. Continue learning from him and let him adapt to our game. I’m sure he will help us a lot”.

I don’t think that Piqué will lose sleep over dicks


“We have strengthened ourselves very well and there is still a market. The illusion has to be shown game by game”.

Play a Classic in Vegas

“For those of us who are from here, a Clásico is always special. Many fans. It is a pleasure to play this type of match. Even more so with this type of atmosphere”.

how do you motivate

“I think I’ve always had competition. I didn’t have a specific full-back, but Sergiño could play there. It motivates me to be at the best club in the world, which has given me everything. Every day I wake up knowing that I’m very lucky. I plan to give more assists, improve my statistics. I want to continue winning titles. Apart from the great atmosphere in the locker room, what makes people happy are the titles. I think we are on the right track”.

Pique whistles

“I don’t know what those whistles are due to. We’ve heard them. I don’t think he cares much. We already know him. It’s admirable. Zero pressure. I think it motivates him to be whistled. We’ve been like this for a long time. lose sleep. What happened today is not going to change anything.”



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