FC Barcelona: Depay: “I really want to be back at Barcelona”

Memphis Depay he rushes his vacations and already thinks about his second season as a player of the Barcelona. Although Dutch sounds like one of the possible names that are part of the Output Operation azulgrana, just think about him Only.

“I really want to be back in Barcelona and start again, I can’t wait for that moment to come. I’m also going to relax with my feet in the sand somewhere before I go back to the club,” he explained to the press. ESPN at a promotional event in Rotterdam.

Depay also clarified the content of a recent tweet of his, in which it was not clear if he was throwing a dart at someone. The post’s message read as follows:

“I see how certain tactics are used around me as a footballer. It’s all good, God likes that about me… that’s why I’m privileged. All my life I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t fit the standard look and feel.” I didn’t have the right behavior. That’s what happens when you live free, “

The player clarified that he was going for those who criticize him for his extra-sports life. “Outside of football, I am busy with many other things and sometimes that brings me into disrepute. But if you look at the numbers, also with the Dutch national team, you see that I work very hard on my legacy. They appreciate me and I feel that too. But when I arrive in Ghana it also opens my eyes. How they receive me there, for example. That speaks for itself. I’m super happy and I feel appreciated,” he said.



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