FC Barcelona | Ansu Fati: “I will be the same as before”

07/25/2022 at 20:35


Barça’s ’10’ was excited and especially motivated for this new season

His primary objective is to leave behind the ordeal of injuries and shine again with his own light

The forward of the FC Barcelona, Ansu Fatireported that he feels convinced to return to his best version in an interview for TV3: “I am working to achieve it and I have no doubt that with work and sacrifice I will achieve it”.

The youth squad, who last season he experienced an ordeal in the form of injuries and physical problemscontinues to work to recover his best physical version and shine again as the team’s ’10’: “Right now I’m not 100 percent, but I’m very close”.

The young promise culé recognized that he acts with caution, but recognizes that the fear has disappeared from his mind: “It’s normal that when you come back from an injury you play very cautiously. But I would tell you that it’s only the first few minutes of the first game. Then you forget about it”. “Right now I am playing without fear,” she said.

Asked about a hypothetical withdrawal due to his constant setbacks, the player was blunt: “I know where I come from and everything I have done to be here. I have never thought about leaving it. I am very young and I have the whole future in front of me”.

An exciting team and season

Ansu also reviewed all the Barça news, marked by the euphoria of the first preseason games and the large number of new faces: “We are making a very good team, very competitive. The new signings will give us a lot in the season. They are great players who will help us”.

Ansu scored the third

| Valentine Enrich

As a result of the lack of titles, the player was clear when talking about the ambition and hunger of the squad: “It is a team that wants to win titles. We know that in recent years we have only won the Copa del Rey, and that cannot be allowed at Barça”.

questioned by the competitiveness to which he will be subjected on the offensive plotthe attacker recognized that it is a great strategy to raise the competition between the players: “We have a very powerful forward and we will have a lot of competition. This is very good for the team and for the players, who are not going to relax. We know that if you don’t work well, you won’t play, because there will be another player who can play on your site.”. “This is good, because it will always keep us on edge,” she said.



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