Expectation for an open final in Markina

Erkiaga unleashes a right slice in Markina’s Grand Slam semi-final match. / Ignatius Perez

Erkiaga and Zabala face Olharan and Etcheto today at the Universidad de la Pelota, in a duel with tickets sold out for a month

The Grand Slam of Markina basket tip will know today (22.00) its winners. Erkiaga and Zabala face Olharan and Etcheto at the fronton of the Universidad de la Pelota in a duel that lacks favourites. The Biscayans arrive at the clash with different sensations. Throughout the week they have played matches in the championships that are played in France and the Ispaster striker has shown a good level, while the Markinarra defender was unable to beat the one who will be his rival tonight. Olharan has had the whole week off to prepare for the match. Tickets sold out about a month ago, so the organizers will install a giant screen in the adjoining fronton to follow the clash.

The new format that has been applied to the festivals, as is done in the Jai Alai de Gernika, has worked throughout the entire championship. This year for the first time the town hosted a tournament of five performances and the public has responded. The summit clash will take place on the day of Carmen and tradition dictates what to go to the pediment refers to.

Erkiaga and Zabala, champions of the Winters Series of the provincial town, know that they will have to improve their performance considerably compared to the semifinals if they want to climb to the top of the podium in the second round of the Jai Alai World Tour circuit. They have already shown that they know how to add as a combination, but they will have to translate it into a difficult confrontation.

They need a live ball so that Ispaster’s striker can make a difference and his side takes center stage. He will have to improve his serve and cross it to the wall to avoid more than one scare as happened in the semifinals. Zabala will be in charge of holding the shock. He needs a good start to calm his nerves, because he is going to have work.

strong beat

French Basques are capable of treating anyone on a first-name basis. They showed it in the clash that gave them the classification. They played at a high level, and as they repeat it they will have many options to win the title. Olharan is a showy striker who knows how to seize the slightest opportunity to finish the goal. He arrives rested and hungry. His partner will be the one who has to open the gaps for him, but for this he needs to be focused.

Staying focused from game to game is key because whichever combination is behind will come out on top in the second set. And if the meeting has a lot of rhythm, something that is expected from the beginning, the physical can also be decisive because the intense heat that prevails can take its toll.

The festival will open with the final of the elite championship for amateur puntistas, which will feature Aarón and Ibarluzea and Eñaut and Manzi. The former won the ticket in two sets against Antxon and Atain III, while the latter needed a tiebreaker to overcome Alex and Danel.

Morgaetxebarria makes his debut today in Amorebieta

Biscayan Aimar Morgaetxebarria makes his professional debut today (6:00 p.m.) with Baiko at the fronton in Amorebieta, his hometown. After the Laso injury, the defender will have Urrutikoetxea as his partner. They will face Jaka and Elizegi. At 19 years old, he has two good hands with which he lengthens the ball well, but he will have a fit rival on his field. The one who will not be able to play in the coming weeks will be Peña II. The one from Tolosa suffers from bone edema in the pubis that has forced him to stop. He has started physiotherapy treatment but may be out for about a month.



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