Ex-NBA star Delonte West ended up on the street, now he’s making the illness public

A few weeks ago, Delonte West, who has been struggling with substance abuse, mental health issues and bipolar disorder, drew the attention of many NBA fans again after he was spotted begging on the streets of Alexandria, Virginia. The short video of him immediately went viral, prompting many to question the former NBA guard.

The sympathy was great. West spent eight years in the NBA from 2004 to 2012, playing 432 games for four different teams and often making a good impression. After the career but followed a gradual and sad crash.

Ex-NBA star West: MS in the early stages, sometimes he forgets his own career

After seeing the video of West walking down the street, a local Subaru dealer wanted to help, which led to the former basketball star getting a job laying floors.

Of the YouTuber Shiakuro then contacted West and interviewed him.

In the interview, West sadly revealed that he suffers from early-stage MS and sometimes even forgets he played in the NBA.



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