Ex-Bundesliga star Caiuby in custody: what he is accused of Sports

He no longer has a club. But he can’t get rid of the trouble with the judiciary!

According to a report by the “Augsburger Allgemeine”, ex-Bundesliga professional Caiuby (33/100 games for Augsburg, 9 for Wolfsburg) is in custody in Gablingen prison (north of Augsburg).

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He is accused of kicking a man in the face on the night of May 26 in Augsburg’s nightlife. Investigated will now because of dangerous bodily harm.

Caiuby is not a blank slate in court. In 2019 he was fined 49,500 euros for allegedly inflicting a concussion and a bruised cheekbone on a man with a headbutt.

He was also repeatedly noticed negatively at FCA. After the Brazilian returned late from vacation after the winter break in 2019, he was suspended from the club and no longer received a salary. Most recently he played for Kavala in Greece.

He has been without a club since the end of last season.



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