Envigado denounces alleged irregularities in hearing against Millionaires by Jefferson Martínez | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

It is a plot worthy of a Netflix series: a more or less common lawsuit that suddenly got entangled to the point of lasting three years, definitive testimonies whose recordings suddenly disappear, suspicions and even threats of criminal action, all in the ‘multiverse’ of the Colombian soccer.

The protagonists, once again, are Envigado and Millonarios, faced by a transfer that was never closed and that, for reasons that quarrel from one sidewalk to the other, allowed goalkeeper Jefferson Martínez to make a career as a free agent, very convenient. to reach a powerful Betplay League like Atlético Junior.

Synopsis: In 2020, Envigado, the team that owns the sports rights of the goalkeeper, signed “a transfer with mandatory purchase” that was not fulfilled due to the soccer player’s resignation from the Bogota team, which gave rise to a serious conflict. The total agreement was for 550,000 dollars, of which the blues paid 150,000, corresponding to the first installment, and 400,000 dollars remained pending, which the blues insist on not paying, alleging that they decided not to make use of the option, which allowed the player to go to Bucaramanga for free and then to Junior, generating what Envigado considers a blow to his coffers, since Millonarios let him lose dividends by not signing a contract.

Until then, a discussion that could have taken a few months, analyzing the evidence from both sides in the Player’s Statute Commission, and issuing a ruling. But the pandemic came, the difficulty in integrating the commission and a number of unforeseen events that prolonged the process. But enough to take three years? Therein lies the doubt.

The truth is that in recent days the audience was finally summoned to listen to the parties and their arguments, but then an imponderable occurred, which was described by the president of Envigado, Ramiro Ruiz: “about two weeks ago we had the hearing after almost three years. There were three working days for the closing arguments, which depended on the testimonies during that hearing. But over the weekend a rumor started and third parties told us that there was a problem with the audios, that in There is no recording of two specific issues, which are the testimony of Dr. Camacho and mine, which are very relevant evidence. Very worried, we formed a committee on Monday and yesterday morning the secretary of the Commission told us that there was a problem and that there would be to repeat the hearing, which is very serious because first it was not reported why it was lost, what the situation is,” he lamented.

According to his testimony, there is the beginning of the hearing and the farewell and a good part of the intermediate conversations, but not the testimonies of the presidents of Millonarios and Envigado, which necessarily generates suspicion: “our position is very firm: we fully comply , there is contamination in the process. For us, the proof is clear that it was a sale and not a loan. We were calm, but today we have a veil of great concern. We hope it is in good faith, but we will do our best to request evidence forensic, techniques that lead us to the clarity of what happened with those audios, because this is a blow to the soccer union,” Ruiz explained.

According to the director, Envigado and his lawyers are not aware of losses of this type in any other lawsuit of the many that come to these instances between clubs and the lack of official notifications prolongs the case indefinitely, since the deadline has not been met. of the three-day arguments and, consequently, the ten business days to issue a ruling do not seem to be fulfilled either: “Today we are in limbo, there is no official communication from the Commission about what the problem was. evaluating what could have happened, there has to be someone responsible here and it is not Envigado. We are looking at all fronts to protect the club’s assets, we will see the pertinent paths, we will go to the last instance, we are going to request a forensic study outside the country that do an analysis for us and determine what happened. Today there is technological capacity to know if it was recorded and deleted, if it was never recorded or deleted from the cloud, “he insisted.

Dimayor’s president, Fernando Jaramillo, is already aware of the issue, and he would be just as concerned: “We spoke yesterday with the largest shareholder (Luis Valero), he is too concerned because he knows it is a very serious issue in terms of a process that It should have all the guarantees. He told us it is a very serious issue, that this was unprecedented and he was going to do everything in his power to clarify the situation,” Ruiz explained. FUTBOLRED tried to find out Millonarios’ opinion on the subject and confirm if he received notifications or information about it, but did not receive a response.

A lost recording is that kind of unforeseen event that many on social networks call ‘Dimayoradas’. The case is again in uncertainty and, in addition to Envigado’s annoyance, there is not a single certainty, three years after the lawsuit. It happens in the movies, it happens in the FPC.



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