End of an exceptional season for the judo club Chalonnais

Sunday morning, the members of the Judo Club Chalonnais gathered for their traditional end-of-season closing.

In a busy dojo, Judokas, parents and friends gathered to enjoy colorful demonstrations! Thus, the different groups were able to show the progress made this season under the direction of their teacher, Yann du Closel.

Technical demonstrations, educational exchanges between young and old, interspersed with award ceremonies and the presentation of end-of-year grades.

The coach also highlighted the students who have distinguished themselves throughout the season because after 2 complicated years for combat sports, it’s finally a full season that the judokas have been able to enjoy!

In the 4 age categories that can reach the national level, the judo club has been able to represent not one person but many:

Thus in minimal, Mathieu Berbiget and Daniel Solomonyan participated in the Coupe de France by department teams.

In cadets, Clarisse Carillon fought in the championship of France 1st division and Espoir as well as in the championship of France by cadet teams with the regional Elite club Ajbd2125, where she came back with the bronze medal!

French Cadet Championship 2nd division for Robin Civelli and Marc Delhumeau

France Espoirs Championship for Rachelle Nasr, Sarah Petit and Maëva Huguenin.

In Juniors, Laura Peronet and Hélène Nasr took part in the French 1st division championship and also qualified for the 1st division seniors. A first in the history of the club!

All 2 were even joined by Léa Delhumeau for a qualification for the championship of France by teams Juniors..Léa who also qualified for the championship of France 3eme division….A presentation of rewards was thus made and the trophies were presented by Bruno Rochette, municipal councilor for sports and Jean Luc Durand, Vice President of WHO.

This proves the good form of the judokas of the rue de la paix, who were able to end their season with a strong gala in color of belts, and highlighting the 7 black belts obtained during the season!

Congratulations to all and back on the tatami very soon!

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