Emery comb | Emery’s comb to the British fans who made fun of him

Villarreal is in the UK in preseason. At the exit of a bus of the yellow set in Southampton some British fans tried to bait coach Unai Emery by ask him to say ‘Good evening’ in allusion to a controversial pronunciation of this expression when he was coach of Arsenal and the coach’s reaction was immediate: he made a comb to the follower in question who was recording.

The curious image was recorded in the previous moments of the match against Southampton in which Villarreal won 1-2 with goals from Yeremy and Gerard Moreno.

Emery formed in the eleven with eight players who have passed through the Submarino academy at some point without counting Reina, who practically began his prolific professional career at Villarreal.

When Emery was asked at the time about his curious pronunciation, the now Villarreal coach replied as follows: “In Paris, I spoke in French. In England, in English“, said. “It was not perfect English, but I gave 20-minute talks and the players understood them; my messages arrived. Some people pointed out my press conferences, but for me, language was not a barrier in England or France”.

The coach’s ‘good evening’ went viral during his time in the Premier League.



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