Eintracht Frankfurt’s Ultras celebrate their 25th anniversary at the stadium – Bundesliga

On Saturday (3.30 p.m.) there will be a celebration on the forecourt of the Frankfurt stadium: Eintracht Ultras (UF97) will be 25 years old. Rapper Vega performs.

Founded a year after the club was first relegated (1996) by several fan clubs (Binding Scene, Presswerk, Bembelraver, later Brigade Nassau, Inferno Schwalbach and others). Their supporters oriented themselves to the Italian Ultra idea: organized fan curve, choreos, no commercialism in football.


Every fan could take part in the Ultras, whether hooligan, Kutten fan or celebration beast. The scene was colourful, with names like “Analsextours” which later became “Geiselgangster-Tours”. And Tankard singer Andreas “Gerre” Geremia (“Black and white like snow, that’s the SGE”) was already roaring back then.

The Ultras became the 12th man at Eintracht – but also a problem group because of pyro and rampage. But her mood in the curve carries the team away. Like the legendary 3:2 in Barcelona, ​​when the Ultras turned 30,000 Frankfurt fans into the “White Wall”.

Because of the large group of organized fans in the north-west curve, Eintracht now employs five full-time fan representatives. With the new U21s, there will be even more games that fans want to watch in the coming season. Eintracht is therefore looking for at least one other new employee.

The club tweets about a 40-hour work week. The fan representatives think 40 is just a “warm-up”.



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