Drew Lock prank returns to the Twitter of the US Open of tennis | Mexico news

Los Seattle Seahawks they no longer have the quarterback Russell Wilson by swapping it to Denver Broncos by Drew Lock.

Lock was enjoying this weekend of July 4th when out of nowhere he was attacked on social media by the US Open tennis account.

It all started with a great serve by Nick Kyrgios at the weekend at Wimbledon.

A Seahawks Twitter user responded by saying it’s not a sport.

Who handles the US Open tennis account writes “says who will watch 17 QB Drew Lock games this season.”

Lock was not silent and replied “Happy 4th of July everyone but especially the practitioner at the US Open”.

Well handled by Lock. He’ll need that mettle and a whole lot more if he hopes to be the QB of the present and future.

Lock was selected in the second round of the 2019 Draft by the University of Missouri Denver Broncos. But after two and a half seasons he wasn’t totally to Denver’s liking and they replaced him with veteran Russell Wilson.

Now Drew Lock has a second chance with Seattle.



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