Donosti Cup: The components of Newcastle United FC pose in Zubieta. Portuguese

The components of Newcastle United FC pose in Zubieta. Portuguese / portuguese

The inclusive tournament of the Donosti Cup started yesterday with seven teams and confirms its good reception in the program

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The Donosti Cup is football, but above all values. The Gipuzkoan tournament has always shown enormous social involvement throughout its history and has done so from many points of view.

One of the most notorious has been the creation, in 2021, of the Authentics Cup, a tournament in which teams made up of players with intellectual disabilities participate. It is an initiative whose objective is to give this group the opportunity to live a comprehensive experience and to value the relevance of social inclusion and integration through sport. A transversal bet on all the movements carried out by the grassroots football tournament. In this case, it is developed with mixed teams made up of people from the DI group, regardless of their age.

Although the first edition started with four teams, this second one has done so with seven, almost twice as many, which demonstrates the interest of the tournament in maintaining this initiative over time and in giving it prominence within the Donosti week Cup. Teams from Real Sociedad (two), Les Pottoks (two), Newcastle United FC, Leganés Genuine Amas CD and Eibar SD are the protagonists of this edition.

Perhaps competitiveness is not the most important thing in this inclusive tournament, but once the ball starts to roll, all the teams look for victory. This was reflected in the first day that took place yesterday at the Zubieta facilities. Up to nine games were played in the Real Sociedad fields.

The txuri urdin team didn’t have a bad day, since both teams add a victory in two games. At the moment, it is the French team from Les Pottoks A who leads the table with two wins in as many games, but it will not be until this afternoon when this Authentics Cup comes to an end in Zubieta.



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