Dog plays baseball and inspires millions

The video of a bright four-legged friend playing baseball goes viral on TikTok. More than 14 million people watched the short clip in which the dog with a baseball bat in his mouth shows perfect timing and smashes a ball thrown at him through a garage.

Before that, you can see how he tests the stroke movement while waiting for the ball. That doesn’t look like a coincidence, it looks like intensive training.

Community excited about baseball dog

The sports cannon on four paws inspires millions of people online. “The Reds could use him,” jokes a TikTok user who appears to be a fan of the US baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds. And on Twitter, someone wrote: “This dog could play for the Pirates.” Another commented: “He beats better than half the kids on my son’s baseball team.”

Many attribute the impressive talent to the special characteristics of the dog breed and recognize the four-legged star as an Australian Cattle Dog, also known as the Blue Heeler. “When a Heeler sets his mind to something, he does it with a raging passion,” writes one user. Another agrees with a wink: “100 percent! My heeler would hit me with the bat.”



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