Dimayor sanctioned Deportivo Pasto financially for invasion of a dog | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

These are not quiet days within the Dimayor, and less so for President Fernando Jaramillo, an individual from whom several teams of the 36 that compete in Colombian Professional Soccer ask for his departure. In turn, the decision of the entity to remove the manager, Vladimir Cantor.

On date 4 of the BetPlay League 2022-II, two events occurred that shocked all Colombian football fans and presidents of the different clubs. The first, the match between América de Cali against Cortuluá in which the Scarlets were local, but played at the same Stadium Doce de Octubre in Tuluá. César Guzmán, president of Patriotas Boyacá, called Fernando Jaramillo to show his nonconformity for putting the Caleños to play in said sports venue assuming his locality.

The second event and without a doubt the most impressive occurred at the Libertad Departmental Stadium in the game between Deportivo Pasto and Unión Magdalena, in which the samariums won. At 85 minutes, a dog entered the field of play. A normal fact that can occur in any sports scenario, but no, for Dimayor this was the cause that led to sanctioning the pastusos.

In the absence of five minutes to end the commitment, a special guest toured the lawn of the Libertad Department. For that reason, the match was interrupted for a stretch. The Dimayor decided to ‘sanction the Asociación Deportivo Pasto club with five million pesos ($5,000,000) for incurring in the infraction described in literal d) of article 78 of the CDU of the FCF; in the match played for the 4th date of the Liga BetPlay DIMAYOR II 2022, against the club Unión Magdalena S.A’.

When the game was looking for its outcome, which ended the visit by adding three, the dog entered the field of play through the northern town of the sports venue. The pastusos have maintained on several occasions that this area is easy to enter, for which Dimayor came to this decision to fine the volcanoes because the club did not take measures to prevent the possible entry of animals. This is how the follies of the Major Division of Colombian Soccer will continue and, in turn, the nonconformities.



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