Diego Guzmán, a lifetime dedicated to basketball – Chronicle

Diego Guzmán González, accompanied by his family.

The history of sports in Loja records prominent citizens who have raised the name of the city. Diego Xavier Guzmán González is one of them. His inclination for basketball starts from an early age. With his family they consolidated the Jorge Guzmán Regalado Sports Club, in homage to his father.

Diego Xavier is the son of Jorge Guzmán Regalado, who left a legacy for future generations, for his love and dedication to the basket sport.

In dialogue with Diario Crónica, Diego Guzmán tells us about his beginnings. He always remembers his father, who instilled in him a passion for basketball. “For me this sport gives me peace.”


He remembers that from a very young age he attended tournaments with his brother. At age 7, he was part of the Miguel Riofrío school team; in high school, he did it in La Dolorosa; he belonged to the ranks of the selection of the University of the Armed Forces (ESPE). His talent, being an excellent player and scorer, undisputed starter in all teams.

Currently at 43 years old, he continues with the same impetus, contributing to the formation of new generations in the world of basketball. In addition, his link to his sport combines it with his profession as a Lawyer and in different undertakings.

Within his family environment, his two young children, he also instills the family tradition because sport “will make them grow as people”.


In January of this year with his brothers: Ronald, Giovanny and Lolita, they made their father’s dream come true, they created the Jorge Guzmán Regalado Sports Club, in which he is currently its president.

The objective of this undertaking is to recover professional sport. In addition, contribute to the training of children and young people, to create new seedbeds. “With basketball one learns to share, socialize, have different experiences and respect the discipline,” says Guzmán González.


The Jorge Guzmán Regalado Sports Club represents Loja in the Ecuadorian Professional Basketball League, with a squad of 17 players. The competitions are with leading clubs in the country.

“Getting this far was a huge effort.” However, this type of meeting will also allow the development of sport in Loja and activate the local economy”, concludes Diego Guzmán. (YO)


Diego Guzmán González, president of the Jorge Guzmán Regalado Club.