DFB-Elf looks confidently to the quarter-finals (

Well defended and hit: Sophia Kleinherne (right), here against Adelina Engman from Finland, is an alternative for left-back.

Photo: imago/Heiko Becker

Doesn’t every German national player dream of receiving the European Championship trophy on Wembley’s sacred pitch? It’s just under two weeks until the final in London, on the one hand it’s still a long way off, on the other hand the tournament is now entering the decisive phase for the DFB selection. It can’t hurt to practice celebration procedures. Linda Dallmann had hardly received the trophy as player of the game after beating Finland 3-0 in the last group game on Saturday evening when she rehearsed with Lina Magull, Sydney Lohmann, Klara Bühl and Giulia Gwinn how it could work: she lifted the silverware into the air, the rest threw their hands to the sky.

The 27-year-old midfielder, who was the most conspicuous player in the first half against an opponent who was more suitable as a sparring partner, did not really object to the Munich group rehearsing something for fun that has yet to be earned. Staying in wonderfully sunny London for three more games of this European Championship has long been the public demand of the national coach. Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is not remotely suspected of thinking a step too far: her focus is initially only on the quarter-finals against Austria on Thursday evening.

“Congratulations. They deservedly advanced against Norway. That’s no coincidence, “said Voss-Tecklenburg about the upcoming opponent. If her second tournament with the DFB women is to be counted as progress, the best European Championship group stage since 2005 is not enough. “We’re the slight favourites, but we have to live up to this role,” warns the national coach. The quarter-finals at the 2019 World Cup against the Swedes is still present, which is why she exclaimed on Saturday evening: “We would do well to prepare seriously for the opponent from 11 p.m..” The two buses rolled out of the stadium punctually planned city of Milton Keynes designed on the drawing board via countless roundabouts back to the main quarter in Brentford.

Voss-Tecklenburg had previously classified the mandatory victory against the Finnish outsiders as “serious, but not brilliant”. In the first half, a four-position changed starting XI with fluid combinations showed what they are capable of. In the second half there was a lack of pace and rhythm. With nine points and 9-0 goals, however, one cannot complain, said Voss-Tecklenburg. The fact that all 20 field players now have the feeling of being needed is an additional important point.

Laura Freigang came into play in the final quarter of an hour and said afterwards: “It means a lot to me.” Her teammates from Eintracht Frankfurt, Nicole Anyomi and Sophia Kleinherne, scored their first international goals as substitutes from the back four. The national coach was particularly happy with Anyomi, who acted as a backup for Giulia Gwinn, “because she is still unfamiliar with the role – that will help her for the future.” can be a striker again.« In the meantime, Alexandra Popp celebrated her third EM goal – again with her head. “It’s the old Popp way. I do believe that the opponents have a certain amount of respect for me,” said the captain. The 31-year-old is proud of the ongoing development process. »Our team works, even with everyone who comes from the bank.«

With the expired yellow card suspensions for Felicitas Rauch and Lena Oberdorf, Lea Schüller who is on the mend after corona illness and Lina Magull and Sydney Lohmann, who will soon be ready for action again, the entire squad will soon be available. Because Austria has 13 players in the German Bundesliga, rows of former and current club colleagues meet in the Community Stadium in Brentford, with the special spirit of the opponent also being a topic of conversation in the German camp. “We know how crazy they are,” Freigang said, referring to the party queens who can fill an entire stadium with music.



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