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At the end of this Tuesday morning, Deportivo Cali presented to the media the new coach of the professional team, Mayer Andrés Cándelo, who has been in charge of the group since the previous Saturday and will make his debut this Thursday against Deportivo Tolima, at the stadium Manuel Murillo Toro from Ibagué.

In the presentation he was quite happy for his arrival: “Saturday when they told me that I was going to be the coach of Cali, it was a wonderful day for me, because I was really born here, I am suffering from what is lived and feels like one more fan that I am, it hurts me everything that happened in these six months where the results have not been the best. But that is what we came for, to show our faces, because they have given us the opportunity to be the coach of Cali”.

He spoke of his commitment: “here we not only came with passion and love, but also with work. We have trained for this opportunity, we do not come just as an idol, soccer player that I was; We have prepared ourselves to be here one day and we want to help our institution, because we have the greatest love in the world for it, we do not want it to be just words today and zero results, we are going to work very well to achieve results”.

He wants to make the fans fall in love again: “we came to give Cali all our knowledge, love, loyalty, honesty as fans that we are and as a coaching staff, we have been working together for several years, we came to do our best and that Deportivo Cali come back and fall in love again”.

He was asked about the possibility of reinforcements: “something wonderful that both parties loved when we sat down at the meeting, is that we were going to work as a team and united, we are going to be the best partners to achieve achievements. Here we gave ourselves the opportunity that if we can get a player today we will bring him, but we are not going to go crazy asking for just asking”.

He thanked Rafael Dudamel: “every match the rival did not matter, I was going to enjoy the stadium, to enjoy it, I also cried because in December I enjoyed it and that today

I have to thank ‘Rafita’ who was a colleague of mine from 1998-1999, who gave us the joy of being able to enjoy the tenth star, as a fan I thanked him for giving me that joy and that I have also cried these six months of not having good results, because we are fans and we will never leave it.

He affirmed that Teófilo is committed to the team: “we have spoken with him as a team, he is talented and magical, we are going to enhance all that magic and condition that he has, he is happy, he will be our captain. I can only tell you that he is happy, I don’t know what the rumor is that he was leaving, he has trained very well these days and we hope to strengthen him for the benefit of the team”.

He told how his game proposal will be: “a team ordered in all its lines, but proposing a game, we are going to be tactical trying to press on the rival field, not on our own, we want to press to be able to score goals, have possession of the ball, It’s going to be up to us to take risks because I’m offensive, to achieve the goals we want in the end”.

He answered the question about the continuity of Agustín Vuletich: “he is from the institution, he has a contract. I can’t talk about the past, we can talk about today, these days he has worked very well, he is a professional, he wants to contribute to the cause and we hope to strengthen him and help him to help us score goals, which is what we need”.

Juan Andres Arias Arias
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
And Twitter: @ AriasJuan_15



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