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Just a few days ago, Bayern boss Oliver Kahn (55) wanted to prevent the transfer of superstar Robert Lewandowski (33) to FC Barcelona with a “Basta”. But now everyone knows what happened next: the Pole moved to Spain…

In the transfer posse around Cristiano Ronaldo (37), Manchester United’s new coach Erik ten Hag (52) is now trying to put a line under the Ronaldo rumors with a “Basta”. Although the Dutch coach admits that he has not personally spoken to the superstar who is willing to change, ten Hag has a clear plan with Ronaldo.

Because while the attacker – officially for family reasons – is absent from the “Red Devils” Asian tour and missed the start of the pre-season, ten Hag is working on his desired line-up.

The Dutch coach now stated to the English “Daily Mail”: “I have made my demands. Cristiano Ronaldo is not for sale. I planned with him and look forward to working with him.”

Ten Hag also talks about an option in the Portuguese contract that would tie him to ManUnited for another year – and bring the superstar a salary of almost 600,000 euros per week.

Ten hag: “The situation is still the same. I am well informed – he also has an option for another season.”


Where is the journey going, Cristiano Ronaldo?

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The coach did not want to say when the Dutchman will speak to Ronaldo for the first time. However, through sources and advisors, he knows exactly how the five-time world footballer trains and keeps fit during his absence from ManUnited.

Ten Hag: “He’s training. I think we all know that Ronaldo is a top professional and that he will be fit – that’s my last concern.”

However, ten Hag should be more and more worried about the emerging rumors of change: The next rumor about a future for CR7 outside of England only appeared on Monday. Sport TV Portugal tweeted that there should be a photo showing one of Ronaldo’s luxury cars at the Sporting Lisbon office. You can see a white Rolls Royce. In fact, such a car is part of the superstar’s fleet. It is not yet clear whether it is actually his car.


England star to Bayern?
Kahn has Harry Kane eyed for 2023

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Rumors immediately surfaced that Ronaldo was negotiating a loan deal with the Portuguese giants. Ronaldo himself immediately took the wind out of the sails of these rumours. He only briefly commented on the auto-tweet with “Fake”.

Sporting would actually fit the requirement profile of the 2016 European champion. Ronaldo is determined to play in the Champions League next season. However, ManUnited missed qualifying for the premier class and only plays the Europa League. But he is not in the mood for European second-class status. Ronaldo wants to continue to compete with the best at the top level. Sporting plays in the Champions League

Ronaldo is said to have turned down a mega offer from Saudi Arabia. According to “ESPN”, an unspecified desert club offered the superstar 275 million euros in salary for a two-year contract. An MLS club is said to have tried to lure Ronaldo with a lucrative offer. This was reported by the Italian transfer expert Fabrizio Romano.



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