Convicted: Judo trainer throws boy 27 times to the ground – seven-year-old dies

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After a seven-year-old boy was thrown to the ground by his judo teacher after numerous throws, he died. Now the judo teacher has been convicted.

Taiwan: The seven-year-old trained in judo and the coach showed the students various techniques. According to the prosecutor, the boy was not familiar with the movements. After a few throws, the boy complained that he had a severe headache, but the teacher continued. The seven-year-old begged the coach on his knees. When the coach knocked him down a total of 27 times, the seven-year-old fell into a coma and also had severe breathing problems.

70 Days in Coma

The seven-year-old was in a coma for 70 days due to cerebral hemorrhage. After that, several of the boy’s organs failed. As the media reports, the boy died of his injuries in the hospital.

Judo coach convicted

The Taiwan District Court ruled this week in the case that shocked the world. The martial artist was sentenced to nine years in prison. The dead boy’s parents think that’s not enough. According to the “Taipei Times”, they want to reopen the process before a higher authority.

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