Conmebol publishes VAR audios: they confirm that there was a hand in the goal of River, Libertadores | Libertadores Cup

They complained over and over again on the pitch, in the tunnel, at the press conference. Marcelo Gallardo spoke of “injustice” after the 0-0 second leg of the Copa Libertadores round of 16 against Vélez (1-0 the first leg) that marked the elimination of one of the great favorites for the title.

All for a goal play by Matías Suárez that was annulled, at the request of the VAR, and that could equalize the series and perhaps lead to a penalty shootout. They passed the play frame by frame in dozens of analysis programs, many supporting the “millionaires'” complaint but it turned out that, in light of the regulations and the audios revealed by Conmebol, the decision was correct.

The video explains everything in detail: “At minute 78, and after a cross by the white team into the opponent’s penalty area, a striker heads the ball, which he later touches on his arm to enter the goal. According to the regulations, the player who scores a goal in the opponent’s goal directly with his hand or arm commits an infraction, even if it occurs accidentally. The referee does not notice this infraction and validates the goal. The VAR, by checking with different angles and correct speeds, detects the infraction and recommends a review to the referee on the field. The referee when seeing the images confirms that the ball touches the striker’s arm. He changes his decision and cancels the goal”.

The key moment is when from the VAR he tells Tobar: “Watch your hand”, when the ball enters Lucas Hoyos’ goal. “It’s there. Make a loop. Hit the hand ”, remarked the AVAR before inviting the Chilean to review the controversy of the night. Tobar looks at him, standing at different angles, they warn him that “the ball hits the striker’s hand”, he carefully checks the central defender and invalidates Suárez’s handball. Conclusion? Not even crying is good anymore, River Plate.


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