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Sky expert Lothar Matthäus comments in his column “That’s how I see it” about a possible de-ligt change to FC Bayern, the behavior of Munich towards Lewandowski and the lack of involvement of deserving players at the DFB.

If Bayern also after the mega transfer from Sadio Mane Matthijs de Ligt lure you to Säbener Straße, that would be the next great commitment. De Ligt organized the defense at Ajax Amsterdam from a very young age and would be a really big reinforcement for the Bayern defence.

In my eyes, he didn’t shine that much at Juventus, but that’s less due to his qualities than to the philosophy of the Italians. Here you rely more on older, experienced players and the football is not as offensive and attractive. I think he would be an ideal match for FC Bayern.

Money for Hernandez, Upamecano, Pavard & de Ligt would have been enough for three van Dijks

Not only does he meet old friends from Amsterdam, he also finds a coach in Nagelsmann with an offensive and attractive game idea. He would look really good on the back of the German record champions. I wonder where FC Bayern suddenly found these great financial opportunities, but from a sporting point of view there would be no doubt about this obligation.

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Bayern would then have spent almost a quarter of a billion on four defenders for Hernandez, Upamecano, Pavard and de Ligt. Or to put it another way: you could have gotten three van Dijks for this money. In Italy there is talk of a Bayern offer of 90 million euros, German media report a much lower offer. I think this player is definitely worth 70 to 75 million euros and this sum would be very well invested. It is possible that one of the defenders will also leave the club and that would generate money for the Dutchman.

Attracting players to Munich is ok, fulfilling wishes is probably not

The return of Robert Lewandowski to Munich is eagerly awaited. No one knows for sure whether he will actually go on strike and not show up, or whether he will remain professional and show up despite his great desire to change jobs. I think he will show up for training but might end up making a move.

Bayern have gratefully accepted that both Mane and now de Ligt have at least deposited internally with their club that they want to go to Bayern and that the clubs may find a solution. This usually speeds up a transfer because most clubs then try to get a reasonable fee for the player who is willing to leave.

Robert Lewandowski did the same and even publicly declared his support for FC Barcelona. Here, FC Bayern will not let an extremely well-deserved player change for a reasonable transfer fee of around 40 million. Attracting other players to Munich under similar circumstances is fine, fulfilling your own wishes is obviously not. That is too bad.

In this case, many mistakes were made on both sides. Both internally and in external communication. That’s why I wish for the club and also for this player, whom I appreciate beyond measure and who I’m an incredibly big fan, that all parties find a solution that they can live with in the end.

Mane shows that he is a consummate professional

Mane’s first days in Munich show that a full professional is at work here, who is as impeccable in person and character as everyone might have assumed. You can see how he throws himself into training, gets the others involved and immediately inspires the fans. He wants to be a part of this team immediately or has already become one. We can all look forward to seeing him on the pitch in a Bayern shirt as soon as possible.

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Sadio Mane completed his first training session on Säbener Straße and immediately made a loud noise.

Should Harry Kane play for Bayern in the future, it would be the third big international name after Mane and possibly De Ligt and further proof that the Bundesliga is respected, recognized and followed with great interest. The Englishman would no doubt be the next big draw for our competition. Kane for Lewandowski would be the next reason to congratulate Bayern on their transfer policy.

DFB obviously has no interest in involving deserved players

Matthias Sammer was annoyed that former German players with a great track record at the DFB were not included in the association’s affairs. I totally understand Matthias and I agree exactly with him. However, this is not a new topic. I, too, have been campaigning for a long time to ensure that players who have played football successfully for a long time, celebrated great success in the DFB jersey, but also have a lot of national and international experience, are involved.

And of course Michael Ballack, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Philipp Lahm are top candidates to bring their point of view to the DFB and to help the association. They were all great captains, played for Bayern, Chelsea or Manchester United and for the national team and won everything. More reputation is hardly possible.

But the DFB obviously has no interest in involving deserved players. It’s been like this for decades. Why this is so, one would have to ask those who decide it. Our external impact at international events and meetings of committees all over the world would be completely different if a former world-class player for the DFB were involved. It doesn’t matter whether it’s supporting the VAR or protecting the interests of the DFB: ex-stars would be valuable and important. But I can’t do more than suggest and offer from the outside.

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