Colombia vs. Brazil | Women’s Copa America Final


Colombia: Catalina Pérez, Jorelyn Carabalí, Daniela Arias, Daniela Caracas, Manuela Vanegas, Lorena Bedoya (Gisela Robledo), Daniela Montoya, Leicy Santos, Linda Caicedo, Catalina Usme, Mayra Ramírez (Diana Ospina).
Coach: Nelson Abbey.

Brazil: Lorraine, Rafaelle, Tamires, Angelina (Doubt), Debinha, Adriana, Tainara, Bia Zaneratto (Geyse Ferreira), Ary Borges (Gabi Portilho), Carolyn (Luana Bertolucci).
Trainer: Pia Sundhage.

Estadio: Alfonso Lopez, Bucaramanga.

goals: 0-1 Debinha (minute 38)

Booked: Tainara da Silva (Brazil), Lorena Bedoya (Colombia), Debinha (Brazil), Antonia (Brazil)

Key moments:

02′ Approach of Colombia: Leicy Santos began to add excitement to the game with a play on the right side that ended in the defensive block of Brazil.

08′ Control of Catalina Pérez: The goalkeeper went out to look for the ball after a corner kick from Brazil.

20′ Tasting shot Usme: The player tested the goalkeeper Lorena with a powerful shot that ended in the crossbar.

24 & # 39; Again, Colombia seeks to open the scoring: The team continues to control the ball and create plays to deconcentrate the Brazilian defense.

33 & # 39; Save again Pérez: The Colombian goalkeeper does not hesitate to come out to give the team security after several counterattacks from Brazil.

39′ GOOOL de Brasil: Debinha kicked with all his might in a penalty kick to open the scoring in Bucaramanga.

52′ Colombia was saved: Zaneratto left the stadium in silence after a free kick that sought to beat Pérez’s goal.

69 & # 39; Colombia approaches the rival goal: The team led by Usme with games and corner kicks seek to tie the match and give the Colombians a joy.

72′ Save Lorena to Brazil: With a collective play, Colombia had one of the clearest options, but it was stopped by the goalkeeper.

75′ It was Linda Caicedo’s goal: He had a shot again after an assist from Santos to finish off and the ball went over the crossbar.

79 & # 39; Colombia was saved from the second goal of Brazil: The Brazilians arrived on the right wing to surprise the defensive block that knew how to clear the area.

88′ Usme’s left foot: the captain went back to look for this way to overcome the fence and reach the tie at the end of the game.

Featured Player:

Leicy Santos: The player was the creator of several plays either on the right wing or in the center to be an assistant to Linda Caicedo and Catalina Usme and finish off from mid-distance to put goalkeeper Lorena to the test.

Match Development:

Brazil got its title number 8 in the Copa América Femenina after defeating Colombia 1-0 with Debinha scoring.

The first half of the game Colombia He sought to surprise goalkeeper Lorena with several plays that began on the right wing and the control of Leicy Santos.

There were also mid-distance shots by Catalina Usme who sought to encourage the public in the stadium to have more support from the fans in the final of the Copa América.

But Brazil did not give an advantage either and in several counterattacks they tested Catalina Pérez and the ‘coffee grower’ defensive block that was in trouble with Manuela Vanegas’ foul on Debinha. The ‘canarinha’ player did not disappoint and scored the goal in the first half.

The second half Colombia had more options with the shots of Catalina Usme and the creation of plays by Santos who joined Linda Caicedo to seek to bother the Brazilians who did not give in and on the contrary they also sought to do harm.

The game was for the Brazilian team that rose again as champion, However, the Colombian public encouraged the “tricolor” players who are now going to prepare for the 2023 Women’s World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.



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