Colombia National Team: Dávinson Sánchez on the arrival of Néstor Lorenzo | Colombia selection

The environment of the Colombian National Team has been on a pause, after the Elimination on the way to Qatar. The focus has returned in recent days, with the appointment of Néstor Lorenzo as the new coach, in property, to start the process to reach the 2026 World Cup. The rumors about the problems in the locker room have not stopped in recent times.

Given this, several players and members of the tricolor have sought a way to silence the rumors, dismissing the multiple information in this regard. One of those who decided to speak, after a while, was Dávinson Sánchez, Tottenham defender.

The Colombian has already returned to the preseason work of the London team, facing what will be the challenges in the Premier League and others. The defender spoke with El Vbar de Caracol Radio, trying to explain what happened with Reinaldo Rueda and Carlos Queiroz “There was never a division, no one ever stood up, no one wanted to confront either teacher Carlos or teacher Reinaldo, all in one way and another we try to get everything done, but in the end the result is the one that speaks”.

“When there is something that we all like, they will always try to distract and hurt. That uncle of people who did damage, who were in charge of misrepresenting the information of what was happening, today they are the happiest and the rest of the country, which we longed for with another World Cup, we are the ones who are suffering, “added Sánchez.

He also highlighted the arrival of Néstor Lorenzo, as Colombia’s new strategist “When I was with Professor José’s group, each one was in charge of a function. Nobody was consented, the rules were clear and they tried to comply with the rules. The work speaks, today soccer is standing out for that new blood of coaches. Professor Néstor comes with the intention and joy of working and us as players to be available”.



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