City, with Haaland as starter against Bayern

In Wisconsin, the United States, Manchester City and Bayern Munich face off in a preseason friendly. Just as on Wednesday was the debut of Julián Álvarez, who will make his debut with the citizens’ shirt will be Erling Haalandwho arrived at the Etihad Stadium accompanied by great expectations.

The City fans, ready for the duel against the Bavarians. (REUTERS)

Pep Guardiola’s team comes from defeating Mexico’s América 2-1, with an extraordinary performance by Kevin De Bruyne, and which also had the participation of the former River. The Spider completed 71 minutes, sharing a trident with none other than Riyad Mahrez and Jack Grealish. This time, the DT will bet on the same ends, but with the Norwegian as a reference.

For its part, Bayern Munich has just crushed DC United 6-2, with goals from Mané, Sabitzer, Gnabry, De Ligt, Zirkzee and Müller. Julian Nagelsmann repeats five players against City: Neuer, Upamecano, Gnabry, Sané and Müller. Mané, the star signing of the Bavarians, will not be present as he flew to Africa to receive the award for the best African player of the season.


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