Chronicle from El Requexón after the sale of Oviedo: nerves in the members of the club and illusion in the fans

The day after of the sale of Oviedo and the entrance to the Grupo Pachuca entity is lived in El Requexón, blue sports city and nerve center of Oviedo. Around three hundred fans gathered today at the sports complex to watch Jon Pérez Bolo’s first pre-season game, as a training session against players from the subsidiary. There was no room for another car in the parking lot. However, the game was the least of it, with the focus of the fans on the change in ownership of the entity after the step back from Grupo Carso. Several members of the club went to El Requexón, commenting in small groups on what had happened.

Manuel Paredes and Fernando Corral, vice president and director, were in the offices and were seen chatting with Tito Blanco, sports director, and with members of the technical secretariat. Those positions, according to the first calculations of Pachuca, are guaranteed. for now, As published exclusively by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, the Mexican group will appoint Martín Peláez as president.

among the fans from Oviedo present at El Requexón surprise reigned for what happened in the last few hours. “I did not expect what has happened at all, but I think it will be good for Oviedo and Pachuca deserves a vote of confidence. From Carso I expected more in sports”, explained Pablo García, blue fan. Iván García, for his part, said that the arrival of Jesús Martínez’s conglomerate is a shot of oxygen to “get to the First Division”. Gonzalo Castaño believed that “Carso got us out of the mud and it’s time for Pachuca to take over.”

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