Christophe Vandegoor: “Jumbo-Visma needs a superior tactical plan” | Tour

Our radio commentator Christophe Vandegoor takes stock after 9 stages in the Tour de France. For Wout van Aert it is a search for superlatives, for Tadej Pogacar’s competitors it is searching for a master plan to knock the Slovenian off his yellow throne.

On a human level I remember the Danish tears of Jonas Vingegaard at the team presentation in Copenhagen and the crying fit of Yves Lampaert after the time trial, but on a sporting level Wout van Aert is of course the man of this Tour.

It has been said several times: with a bit of luck – think of the time trial – and if he had been allowed to ride just a little more for himself, he could have won 5 to 6 times in this Tour.

Which superlative can you still use? It’s not just about the physical aspect, it’s also about the mental front. Here are the best men in this sport at the start and he plays with them.

Cocommentator Sven Nys said it again: Wout van Aert cycles in a different department. And he does that in all areas. That commands so much respect.

Christophe Vandegoor

It seems as if he recovers effortlessly and there is nothing of such an effort on him the next day. That raid to Longwy is undoubtedly one of the stories of the year.

In retrospect you can say that the attack was overconfident and inappropriate, but that must have made him feel so enormous.

Co-commentator Sven Nys said it himself: he cycles in a different department. And he does that in all areas. That commands so much respect.

Or that respect can eventually turn into envy? As José De Cauwer says: the peloton is a reflection of society. Everyone feels their place. Everyone knows what he can do and Van Aert has no enemies.

“Van der Poel will not leave the Tour without one big attempt”

I do not rule out the possibility that Wout van Aert will have won a stage next week on the last day of rest.

Or is that after a duel with Mathieu van der Poel? In Lausanne he was in the lead for a while and then we said on the radio: he is getting better and he is not going home.

Things can go fast with such a natural talent. I still expect him, just because it is Mathieu van der Poel.

His ambition is so great that he will not leave the Tour without one big attempt.

“Even if they isolate Pogacar: is Vingegaard going to make up for that time man to man?”

In the meantime, Tadej Pogacar is supreme and also shows traits of cannibalism.

It is clear why he wanted to win at La Planche des Belles Filles, but yesterday he also squeezed out a sprint for a few seconds. I’m curious how the competition will react to that.

The tension already seems to be gone, even though Jonas Vingegaard is only 39 seconds away. But as I said beforehand in the special of De Tribune: I don’t see many challengers.

Mostly Vingegaard remains at the moment, but he is relatively new to this podium and has only one year of experience left. In that respect, Pogacar has a huge advantage.

As sporting director Merijn Zeeman of Jumbo-Visma says: they have to attack and gamble with Primoz Roglic in an unexpected way.

This puts UAE under pressure, even if they are uphill. It’s not comparable to CSC, Saxo Bank or Sky at the time, but its climbing train is up to date.

And even if they isolate Pogacar: will Vingegaard make up for 39 seconds in a hand-to-hand fight?

Currently Vingegaard is mainly left as a competitor, but he is relatively new on this podium and has only one year of experience. In that respect, Pogacar has a huge advantage.

Christophe Vandegoor

“Apart from the Ventoux, I don’t remember a weak moment from Pogacar”

When did Pogacar prove equally vulnerable? That was last year on the Mont Ventoux, just for a moment.

Other than that, I can’t remember a weak moment, not even mentally. He is very strong.

In that case, the competition is actually looking for factors other than one’s own physical ability: Pogacar would be less able to withstand the heat and is less good on the longer cols.

But compare it with a classic: in the final it is often man against man.

Maybe there will be a thumbs up duel, but a collapse of the leader in the Tour, we have hardly seen that yet.

It is logical that a team like Jumbo-Visma will not just be led to the slaughter in view of all the preparations and investments.

They have to try everything, but it will have to be a superior tactical plan. I don’t see it right now.

Christophe Vandegoor


rit datum type rit start-finish total winner unfortunately
1 individual time trial Copenhagen – Copenhagen 13,2 km lampaert lampaert
2 road race Roskilde – Nyborg 199,2 km Jakobsen from Aert
3 road race Vejle – Sønderborg 182 km Green roads from Aert
4 road race Dunkirk – Calais 171,5 km from Aert from Aert
5 road race Lille – Arenberg 157 km Clarke from Aert
6 road race Binche – Longwy 219,9 km Pogacar Pogacar
7 road racesemi mountain stages Tomblaine – The Board of Beautiful Girls 176,3 km Pogacar Pogacar
8 road racesemi mountain stages Down – Lausanne 186,3 km from Aert Pogacar
9 road racesemi mountain stages Eagle – Chatel 192,9 km Jungles Pogacar
10 road racesemi mountain stages Morzine – Megeve 148,1 km
11 road racemountain stages Albertville – Col du Granon 151,7 km
12 road racemountain stages Briancon – Alpe d’Huez 165,1 km
13 road racesemi mountain stages Le Bourg-d’Oisans – Saint-Etienne 192,6 km
14 road racesemi mountain stages Saint-Etienne – Mende 192,5 km
15 road racesemi mountain stages Rodez – Carcassonne 202,5 km
16 road racesemi mountain stages Carcassonne – Foix 178,5 km
17 road racemountain stages Saint-Gaudens – Peyragudes 129,7 km
18 road racemountain stages Lourdes – High Cam 143,2 km
19 road race Castelnau-Magnoac – Cahors 188,3 km
20 individual time trial Lacapelle-Marival – Rocamadour 40,7 km
21 road race Paris La Defense Arena – Paris 115,6 km


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