Chicago Cubs vs Boston Red Sox prediction on July 2, 2022

Game preview

Chicago Cubs vs Boston Red Sox predictions. Both teams are not known for their high stability. So their fight, which will take place within the framework of Major League Baseball, should please you with a large number of interesting events. Below is all the useful information related to the match.

Head to head and recent results

The clubs’ only personal meeting, held in 2022, ended with a difficult victory for Chicago in the native walls (6: 5). However, for the next game, he will still be released as a small underdog.

Chicago Cubs

68 points

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Boston Red Sox

50 points

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Chicago Cubs: panoramica del team

Chicago began to show tangible signs of life in the middle of the summer, which led to a dramatic improvement in results. Three victories have been obtained by the representatives of the “city of winds” in the past groups, thus demonstrating their competitiveness. In the attack, the team now acts in an incomparable way, and the defensive formations are still lame. The main thing is that Davis Ross administrations continue to actively improve, and then they will bypass many direct competitors.

Boston Red Sox: panoramica del team

Boston has had a fever lately, keeping Houston and New York from trampling. The team tries to show baseball bright, but such a bold approach doesn’t always translate to success. The boys are gradually losing their former stability. Therefore, reasons for concern have certainly emerged. A couple of weeks ago, Alex Cora’s brigade dominated everyone in a row, and now it’s overtaken by tough times.

Best odds

Best odds

In this section we have collected for you the best odds of the legal bookmakers for the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox match. For your convenience, we have highlighted the highest odds for major events in an additional color.

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Tournament table

Here you can see the league standings to find out the position of the teams and Let’s take a look at this data to assess the strength of the teams before the match.

PV Form


Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers



Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox



Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins



Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies



Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs



Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates


Chicago Cubs Boston Red Sox pronostico

In this bout, Chicago seems a bit preferable. The Boston condition does not inspire a drop of optimism, and we believe it does not cope with the pressure of a greatly transformed opponent. The victory of the owners of the site is the most optimal choice for the struggle.

Match Bet: Chicago Cubs vs. Boston Red Sox

Stake: Vittoria Chicago Cubs

Quota: 2.23*

*Odds are relevant at the time of prediction publication (July 2, 2022, 2:11 pm)

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