Castellanos shines and scores in debut (2-0)

“This is just the beginning. I have to work harder to help and keep scoring,” he said Valentin Taty Castellanosthe great protagonist of the first victory of the summer of Gironayesterday againstAndorra. The Argentinian striker entered the second half and revolutionized the white-and-red attack with clearances, collisions, pressure, finishes and a great goal. It remains to be seen whether he will maintain, or surpass, that level in La Liga against the best, but Castellanos’ cover letter was remarkable. Míchel’s men overcame Andorra in a tight match where the great incentive was to see the debut of the Argentine and Coutoto the dam. terraces opened the way for a triumph that Castellanos would seal.

While waiting for more reinforcements to arrive, Míchel put on stage the same eleven that had faced the Benfica a Swiss. The only eleven first team players available –orthola apart- with Stuani and Urena on the attack Two of the only three signings the team has made so far, Castellanos and Couto, remained on the bench, while David Lopez did not enter the call. Girona entered the match well, with good pressure at the exit of the ball from an Andorran who immediately paid for their daring. The pressure of Stuani a Lizoain it caused the goalkeeper to make a mistake and the ball was dead to Terrats who beat him with an exquisite touch.

The early goal could predict a good show, but the initial spark immediately went out. Girona were neither fine nor fluid with the ball and were not comfortable with the ball against an Andorra team that even won possession for them for a few minutes. Of clear arrivals in the Lizoain area, very little. In fact, Girona’s only dangerous action was a free-kick by Aleix Garcia that crashed into the post. Before half-time, Andorra tried with a shot fromWatery from outside the area he caught well Juan Carlos.

The big highlight of the game could be seen just starting the restart when Castellanos and Couto entered the field. However, it was difficult for the team to find sensations and even see how Carlos Martinezafter a disconnection from Arnau, kicked at the post.

Míchel was not satisfied seeing how Andorra dominated. Everything changed following Castellanos’ second intervention. The Argentinian forward took twenty minutes to find the back of the net and demonstrate his sense of smell. He had tried with a forced header and in the second, he surprised Lizoain with an unexpected counter-attack. A goal from Murri and a striker who has the goal between eyebrows and who would prove it again with a header from a crossdevious that came out licking the crossbar. Castellanos also showed hunger and looked for the second goal at all times. The Argentine was about to get it with a spur shot that went narrowly wide. The team will not play again now until next Wednesday against the Naples a Castel di Sangro.



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