Bulgačs/Graudiņš and Ozoliņa/Skrastiņa win the Latvian championship stage in Liepāja

In the final, Bulgačs/Graudiņš, who were seeded with the fourth number, beat Arni Reliņu/Dāvi Teteri, who were the second number, with 2-0 (21:16, 21:16), winning for the first time in the Latvian championships.

In the first set, after a similar start, Graudiņš/Bulgačs achieved a bigger advantage, winning with 21:16. In the middle of the second set, Reliņš/Teteris took the lead with 10:8, but the opponents responded with three scored points. A little later, Bulgačs/Graudiņš regained the advantage (15:11), and after Graudiņš’s attack with the third match point, they also made it 21:16.

In the match for the third place, Gustavs Auziņš and Matīss Šalkovskis (16th), who overcame the qualification round, defeated the sixth-seeded couple Rudolph Stankevičs/Sandi Bērzyn 2-1 (21:13, 17:21, 16:14) for the first time getting medals at the Latvian championship stage.

In the semi-finals, Reliņš/Teteris defeated Stankevich and Bēržin with 2-1 (22:20, 16:21, 15:12), while Graudiņš/Bulgačs won 2-0 (21:18, 23:21) over Aužin and Šalkovski.

In the women’s final, seeded No. 1 Ozoliņa/Skrastiņa defeated Beāti Liepājniec/Anija Ozoliņa (3rd) in a three-set match, winning 2-1 (12:21, 22:20, 17:15).

In the first set, Ozoliņa and Skraština never took the lead, Ozoliņa/Liepājniece winning the set with 21:12. In the second set, Ozoliņa/Skrastiņa reached 5:3, but the opponents responded with seven consecutive points, taking the lead 18:11. In the continuation of the set, Ozoliņa/Skrastiņa fought back and won the set with 22:20. In the third set, the advantage was never more than two points, but Skrastiņa added a point to the tournament by scoring the winning point (17:15).

In the fight for the 3rd place, two duets met who, until the “bronze match”, had met for the first time at the stage of the Latvian championship. Inga Chandere and Krista Grundmane (16th), who received a special invitation, beat the duet Rēzija Mazure-Mago/Zaiga Kalvāne (14th) with 2-1 (13:21, 22:20, 15:10).

In the semi-finals, Liepājniece/Ozoliņa won 2-0 (21:18, 21:13) over Mazuri-Mago and Kalvāni, while Skrastiņa/Ozoliņa beat Chanderi and Grundmani 2-0 (21:11, 21:18).

29 men’s teams and 20 women’s duets had applied for the fourth stage of the Latvian championship.

This season “DEPO Open 2022” beach volleyball players compete in five stages and the final. All stages are held outside Riga, continuing to cover the regions of Latvia, and both men and women participate in all stages.



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