Buccaneers hit first at home against Freseros San Quintin

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, July 01, 2022.- Los Cabos Buccaneers stays

with the first match of the 19th series of the Northern League of Mexico (LNM) against

Freseros de San Quintín with a comfortable score of 12 runs to 4.

The San Quentin team moves the score quickly in the first inning, this

when Gutiérrez negotiates a walk and when making a raise, the ball escapes the first

base in order to advance to the third pad, Mora hits and produces the first

run, Martin walks and with a runner on second and first, Aragon grounds out

for a double play but in a bad shot from the shortstop the second race is coming,

momentarily placing the marker 2 for 0 in favor of those of the Valley.

Los Cabos Buccaneers is not far behind and responds in the same first inning with

a couple of hits from Barthelemy and Camacho, Lázaro Alonso negotiated the walk

so that with a terrible PB the first of the match was ringing, Nieto produces

the second with a roll from 5 to 3 and in wild pitch the 3rd enters to place a marker of

3 for 2 in favor Buccaneers.

In the second inning Freseros reacted and tied the game with a shot from Carlos

Gutiérrez, placing tables on the scoreboard by 3 to 3.

In the second inning, the Buccaneers once again set a one-run difference with a couple of

unstoppable, placing the score 4 to 3.

Third inning and Buccaneers not for the party, producing 2 more runs to the pentagon

with a hit for Quintero, a hit for Maldonado and a walk for Chacón; scoring the 5th

with a Balk and the 6th with Garcia’s 6 roll, placing the cards in favor of the team

local by 6 races to 3.

In the fourth inning Buccaneers stamps one more line and does not do it again until the sixth

inning with base by ball and rally of hits by Nieto, Maldonado and Chacón.

There was no bad seventh for the buccaneers, as they increased the score with 3 more runs and

putting him 12 runs to 3.

San Quentin responds late and makes 1 run in the ninth inning, but it is not enough

to flip a final score of 12 runs by 4.

The pitcher who wins the game is Cesar Cervantes, while he had to carry the cross

by the visitors to their star pitcher Gabriel Estrada.

Tomorrow the actions will continue in the Leonardo Gastélum Sports Unit at the point of the

6:30 pm.

PG: Cesar Cervantes.

PS: Gabriel Estrada.

Writing: Los Cabos Buccaneer Media.

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