Booing Gerard Piqué and shouting for Shakira in the Barcelona vs. match. real Madrid

The Spanish classic was brought to the United States as part of its preparation for the season. The game that was played in Las Vegas was attended by more than 50,000 people and although there were fans from both sides, when Gerard Piqué appeared on the field of play they made themselves felt much more.

The defender was not a starter in the matchbut he did have his chance to enter the court and since he touched the ball they reminded him of Shakira, his ex-partner.

The end of their relationship was known days after the end of the seasonso Gerard Piqué until now is facing the situation publicly, especially because it is speculated that he was unfaithful to her with a much smaller woman.

Piqué was made to feel that people believe in that version because in the United States, which is an impartial field, they began to shout the Colombian’s name every time she touched the ball. There were even boos, although that is more normal against him.

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In the transmission it was heard slightly, but in videos recorded in the stadium and broadcast on social networks it was much more evident how Gerard Piqué was reminded of his love past with the Colombian.

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Gerard Pique and Shakira split

Although the footballer was seen listening to the music of his ex-partner when he was in a car, everything seems to indicate that, as announced in June, the relationship is no longer.

In Spain they have not released more information about the new woman with whom the athlete walks, while on the part of Shakira and her entourage there is a lot of silence about the speculations that she wants to leave the European country to settle in the United States.

Those who have spoken are Piqué’s parents, who revealed information about the divorce process. Clearly, beyond the assets and possessions they’ve acquired together in recent years, child custody would seem to be what they haven’t been able to resolve.



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