Bike Theft: How to Avoid it

Every year a lot of people fall victim to bike theft. Of course, no one wants their bike stolen. Most thieves have sharpened their skills and can use Strava and other tracking apps to search where the owners of different bikes live.

Once a bike is stolen, it’s very challenging to track it if it doesn’t have a tracking device attached to it. That is why you need to do everything possible to avoid bicycle theft. Below are different ways to avoid bike theft.

Make your bike unavailable

When you keep your bike out of the reach of thieves, it can’t be stolen. Taking your bike off the street is advisable when there is no need for it to be there. If possible, you can lock your bike in a particular room, remove all the valuable accessories and avoid extending the parking hours when you are in high-risk places.

Though, this method can’t be used all the time as your bike will need to be outside in a public place when you are relatively far from home. That is why it’s advisable to have bicycle theft insurance against theft to get compensated if your bike gets stolen.

Make your bike hard to sell

There are different ways you can make your bike hard to sell and prevent it from being stolen. Thieves mostly steal bikes they can easily conceal from the onlookers. That means there is a very low risk of being caught stealing the bike. Make sure that your bike is very distinctive and visible. In fact, your bike should get the attention it deserves.

It should have a personality that most people in the neighborhood can resonate well with. To give your bike a new personality, you can paint it with bright colors and fun decorations and use unique stickers. The distinctive appearance you are giving your bike will make it hard for the thieves to steal it, as the deal won’t be possible when the bike can easily be identified.

Make sure that you lock your bike

There are several bike locks types that you can use to lock your bike, but folding locks are more common and efficient. Folding locks are common for most cyclists. They are an excellent option for most of them because they are compact, light in weight, and made from materials that are hard to cut. With the folding lock, you are assured of reliable protection from the larger circumference that is almost impossible to cut.

If possible, you can get different types of locks and use them at once, as this will double the amount of time a thief takes to steal your bike. This is highly needed if you lock your bike out of reach but within eyesight. By just looking at the bike at a glance, bike thieves can quickly identify which bike is more vulnerable as most of them don’t waste time stealing bikes that are locked tight.

Get the registration number for your bike

Registering your bike is one of the best ways of interfering with the theft of bicycles. In response to the rising cases of bike thefts and the sale of stolen bikes on the internet, registries have cropped up to counter these acts. These registries help theft victims, police, and potential buyers a way to the ID of the stolen bike and how to contact the rightful owner.

Bike registries also offer tamper-resistant stickers that scare aware thieves. Most thieves will avoid registry-marked bikes because it’s too hard to sell them as legitimate bikes on the market. Registering your bike also makes the recovery process more manageable.

Invest in geo tracker

You can take the security of your bike further and invest in geo-tracking devices that will help track your bike in case it gets stolen. Most of the geo-tracking devices are connected to apps that are designed to alert the owner of the bike moves. This small and light geo-tracking device is attached to a hidden bike part.

The geo tracker can be of great help as you can even help the police to know where the bike is being kept in case it gets stolen. These devices can be relatively expensive, but the security offered to your bike is worth it.


Bike theft is on the rise, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you keep watch of your bike to protect it from being stolen. Most thieves that target bikes focus on how it is to get the bike within the shortest possible. Ensure that you make it hard for the thieves to steal your bike without letting them steal it easily.



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