Between his extension at PSG and the clear success of Les Bleues, Katoto says he is “quiet” before the Euro

The center-forward of the France team appeared very serene Friday evening in Orleans after the victory of the Bleues over Vietnam (7-0).

Our special correspondent in Orléans

What feelings does it give to finish the preparation for the Euro with such a clear victory against Vietnam (7-0)?
Marie-Antoinette Katoto: It’s a pleasure after a big month of preparation. We had two good preparation matches, plus the one against Cameroon (4-0). We will quietly go to England.

Is your goal a way for you to celebrate your extension to PSG?
No not necessarily. I have been very quiet since I started preparing. I feel very good, the group is working well and this extension was just a little extra.

What was the path of your reflection to finally agree to extend in Paris?
We talked a lot with the leaders. I can’t tell you everything (smile). But there are going to be a lot of things that are going to happen. I think we are on the same path. I am very happy and very proud of this extension, even if it was long. In the end, we had very good exchanges, which will be beneficial for the future and for the whole club.

Does this mean that the management and ambitions of the club will be different now?
I think PSG was already very ambitious and will remain so. I think there were some adjustments to be made and they have been made. Afterwards, it will take time for everything to fall into place, for both girls and boys. As I said, there is everything to be very successful in this club. You just had to get on the right track.

Are you now impatient to start the Euro on July 10 against Italy?
I am calm. We are not going to rush, we still have time and we are not going to speed it up. We still have ten days and here we are thinking above all of recovering well after a long preparation. We are competitors, what counts for us are the official matches. We just spent three great weeks together, and I hope we have four more to come. We worked well together and we can’t wait to be there.

After these two victories and the work done, you approach the Euro confident…
We are here. I am neither more nor less confident. We are in our place, where we wanted to be at the end of this preparation. We represent the France team, we all know what that means. We will give the maximum in every match. We have a clear objective and we know where we want to go. France is naturally one of the favorites of this Euro and it will be up to us to demonstrate that this is indeed the case.



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