Bbc Spirulina Becagli starts well against Neptune, successful in race one

GROSSETO – The away match of Bbc Grosseto Spirulina Becagli on the field of Nettuno 1945 began with a shutout. The red and white team in the game on Friday evening conquered the “Steno Borghese” with a 3-0 gained thanks to three points scored in the fourth round and the super performance of Jonathan Carbo (second consecutive victory), who gave the crumbs to the attack of the team led by the former BBC Leonardo Mazzanti.

The Maremma line-up exploded on the fourth attack: Barcelan and Herrera beat valid and scored on the great double of Niccolò Loardi, who signed the 3-0 on the double long line of Niccolò Biscontri. Neptune finished in third twice, in 2nd and 7th, but Carbo managed to avoid the point in both cases, closing the game with 87 pitches (64 strike outs).

Race 1, Nettuno-Spirulina Becagli Grosseto 0-3
SPIRULINA BECAGLI: Albert 8 (1/4), Chelli 7 (0/3), Barcelan 5 (2/3), Herrera 5 (1/3), Loardi 9 (1/4), Sgnaolin 3 (0/3) , Sarrocco bd (0/1), Biscontri 2 (1/3), Vaglio 4 (1/3).
NEPTUNE: Sellaroli 4 (0/4), Freddy Noguera 9 (0/3), Mercuri 5 (1/2), Pomare 6 (1/3), Giordani 8 (0/2), Colasante 7 (0/3) , Trinci 2 (1/2), Venditti 3 (1/3), Riccardo Mazzanti bd (1/3).
REFEREES: Caser, Meloni, Costa.
POINTS: Grosseto 000.300.0: 3 (7bv-1e); Neptune 000.000.0: 0 (5bv-1e)
LANCIATORS: Carbo (v.) 7rl-5bv-0bb-4so-0pgl; Liguori (p.) 5rl-5bv-1bb-5so-3pgl, Hamaya 2rl-2bv-3bb-2so-0pgl.
NOTES: double Loardi, Biscontri, Pomare, Trinci.



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