Battaglia spoke after Boca’s tough defeat against Banfield: the warning to the substitutes and the negotiations for Vidal

* Battaglia’s statements after the fall of Boca Juniors against Banfield

Boca Juniors suffered a resounding defeat against Banfield this Friday for the sixth date of the Professional League. It was 3-0 in The Bombonera and the coach paid dearly for having used 11 players who are not usually starters as he decided to save his best players for Tuesday’s clash against Corinthians for the round of 16 of the Libertadores Cup.

“Today it is difficult to find positive things because of what the night was for usyes, we hope that everyone can be well and have good performances, but today we could not find them, especially in the first half, “said the coach who asked that the great game played by his rival who left with the advantage of three goals at the end of the initial stage: “Banfield has good players and good performance, they did their merits so that the first half went the way it did. We were not coordinated and firm in defense, they took advantage of it and were able to score three goals”.

Battaglia was asked about the reason for the poor performance of several of the players he put on the pitch. The query was specifically about Luis Vázquez, the young striker, but the coach took the opportunity to send a message to all his coaches: “You have to know that they have fewer minutes than some, you have to prepare and be well when it’s your turn or when the team needs it. Not only to Luis (Vázquez) but to all those who have less minutes and perhaps they have to enter a little. Everyone must be in the best way and prepared to perform.”

*Battaglia’s annoyance regarding the use of VAR and hands

Regarding the possibility that Arturo vidal becomes a reinforcement, he acknowledged that there are talks and that he hopes that his arrival will materialize: “They informed me that there were negotiations but I did not have the opportunity to speak with him. We know the kind of player he is and what a player of such a hierarchy would mean for Argentine football. If this progresses, I will surely have the opportunity to talk to him and from then on we will be excited about his arrival because he is going to rank not only the squad but all of Argentine football”.

During the duel against Banfield, Esteban Rolón had to leave in the complement due to injury and Jorman Campuzano entered his replacement, who was going to start but then it was decided that he should take a place on the bench in a special decision. “Campuzano told me that his head was not to be with the party, because of the problems he has, that it would be good if he could also clarify them in case he decides to speak”, Battaglia replied, disassociating himself from the situation.

On Tuesday, Boca Juniors will receive Corinthians at La Bombonera for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores after having tied goalless in the first leg. The game will be vital for the club whose goal is to win the trophy and in this context, the coach briefly referred to VAR: “Let’s hope not that they benefit us, but neither that they harm us.”


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