Baseball: hurray San Marino, against Godo it is a hat-trick

San Marino also wins the two matches on Saturday (12-0, 11-2) and completes the hat-trick with Hort @ Godo. The head of group A1 of Poule Scudetto is confirmed: San Marino won 14 – 4 lost, Parma 10-4, Collecchio 6-11, Nettuno 6-12. In B1 Bologna 13-2, Turin 9-9, Grosseto 7-11, Godo 3-15.


The Saturday afternoon ends clearly, with the score having an evident turning point in the 2nd inning. Quattrini grants three bases balls to Bucchi, Orselli and Galli but does not suffer any points and in the lower part San Marino takes the lead. Leonora earns the base ball, Morresi hits a single and Batista goes with a double of 1-0. After the second out, a single is enough for Ferrini to bring home two more points, those of 3-0.

Between the third and fourth rounds the Italian champions grind valid and close the accounts. In the 3rd place, Angulo’s double, based in Ustariz, Leonora’s double 5-0, Morresi’s 6-0 internal, Pulzetti’s single and Batista’s 7-0. At 4th, in a situation of full bases and an out, Morresi’s double is worth 9-0, Pulzetti’s sprint 10-0 and Batista’s single in the center 11-0. At 5th the point of the final 12-0 comes thanks to Morresi’s sacrifice sprint.

On Mount Quattrini he barely concedes one valid in his 5 innings and Peluso closes in fluency in the remaining two. Solid performance in the box for Morresi (3/3 and 4 pbc) and Batista (3/4 and 3 pbc).

The match report

GODO: Vallejo (D. Meriggi 0/2) es (0/2), L. Servidei (Monari 1b 1/2) ss (0/1), Evangelista dh (0/2), G. Meriggi (Lakes 0/1 ) ed (0/1), Bucchi 2b (0/2), Sabbatani (Casadio 0/1) r (0/2), Orselli 3b / ss (0/1), Galli 1b / 3b (0/2), Tanesini and c (1/3).
SAN MARINO: Ferrini 3b (2/5), Celli ec (0/3), Angulo (Lo. Di Raffaele 1/1) 2b (1/3), Ustariz 1b (0/2), Leonora (Pieternella) es (2/3 ), Morresi r (3/3), Pulzetti dh (1/3), Batista ed (3/4), Epifano (Di Fabio 1/1) ss (1/3).
GODO: 000 000 0 = 0 bv 2 e 2
SAN MARINO: 034 410 X = 12 bv 15 e 0
LAUNCHERS: Galeotti (L) rl 3, bvc 8, bb 3, so 0, pgl 7; Focchi (r) rl 1, bvc 5, bb 2, so 1, pgl 4; M. Servidei (f) rl 2, bvc 2, bb 0, so 0, pgl 0; Quattrini (W) rl 5, bvc 1, bb 6, so 5, pgl 0; Peluso (S) rl 2, bvc 1, bb 0, so 3, pgl 0.
NOTE: doubles by Angulo, Leonora, Morresi and Batista.


Similar score, but decidedly different trend for the evening race on Saturday. San Marino wins 11-2 but does so in comeback, with Godo leading 2-0 in the third attack. The game begins with a spectacular Angulo in the first defensive inning, then in the third the Hort @ passes thanks to the double from two points by Evangelista, the second of his game.

In the lower part the reaction of the hosts immediately arrives. Epifano opens the second half with the first of his three doubles in the evening (on three different pitchers), Ferrini moves him to third with the single and a balk is worth 1-2. After the base in Celli, the tie comes thanks to Angulo’s single (2-2), while the overtaking at 3-2 is generated by Ustariz’s sacrificial sprint.

At the 4th San Marino extension. Double from Epifano, base on Ferrini and Celli hit produce a situation of full bases, Angulo’s sprint is worth the 4-2 and, after the base in Ustariz, the four balls in Leonora also automatically enter the 5-2.

After the double of Evangelista in the 3rd, Luca Di Raffaele reacts to the great and slips seven consecutive eliminations, thus leaving the baton to Palumbo with the team ahead. The San Marino attack finds an important big inning in the 6th. The 6 points come thanks to Celli’s double (6-2), Angulo’s (7-2), Leonora’s sprint (8-2), Batista’s single (9-2), a defense error on the beat of Di Fabio (10-2) and at the double of Epifano (11-2).

The rookie Palumbo closes the last two rounds without taking any points, San Marino completes the sweep.

The match report
GODO: L. Servidei ss (0/3), M. Servidei 3b (1/4), Sabbatani dh (1/3), Monari 1b (0/3), G. Meriggi ed (1/3), Evangelista r (2 / 3), D. Meriggi es (1/3), Bucchi 2b (0/3), Tanesini and c (1/2).
SAN MARINO: Ferrini 3b (1/3), Celli ec (1/3), Angulo 2b (2/2), Ustariz 1b (0/0), Leonora es (0/2), Pieternella r (0/2), Batista ed (2/4), Di Fabio dh (0/3), Epifano ss (3/4).
GODO: 002 000 0 = 2 bv 7 e 3
SAN MARINO: 003 206 X = 11 bv 9 e 0
LAUNCHERS: Canellini (L) rl 3, bvc 3, bb 4, so 1, pgl 3; Sabbadini (r) rl 2.1, bvc 4, bb 4, so 0, pgl 4; Grade (f) rl 0.2, bvc 2, bb 2, so 0, pgl 2; Lu. Di Raffaele (W) rl 5, bvc 5, bb 2, so 5, pgl 2; Palumbo (S) rl 2, bvc 2, bb 0, so 3, pgl 0.
NOTE: doubles by Evangelista (2), Epifano (3), Celli and Angulo.



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