Baseball: Elmshorn Alligators probably have to go into the relegation round

It was supposed to be a winning streak, but it backfired. Head coach Dennis Scherfisee speaks of a miracle to get into the playoffs.

At a motorway service station on the way home, the fast-food giant McDonalds had the “hangman’s meal”. Dennis Scherfisee and his players probably didn’t like the burger and fries particularly well: The 8:9 and 7:10 away at the Hannover Regents were real low blows for the second division baseball team, the Elmshorn Alligators.

“It was almost like every time: we simply gave up the games and totally underperformed.”

Dennis Scherfisee

Elmshorn Alligators head coach

In the Lower Saxony state capital, the Elmshorners actually wanted to start a winning streak after the disappointing start to the season in order to still reach the targeted playoffs. However, the Hanover trip quickly turned out to be another fiasco for the “Allis”.

Whether initially in the first game with Sören Entress as pitcher or with Lucas Jahncke, who replaced his team-mate with an injured arm on the mound: the guests ran behind a deficit throughout the entire duration. Despite a considerable catch-up race in the last innings, the district of Pinneberger could no longer force the extension.

Emil Kielbasa makes pitching debut

Pleasing from Elmshorn’s point of view: The 16-year-old young talent Emil Kielbasa from the North selection made his debut as a pitcher in the 2nd Bundesliga in the second comparison with the Hanoverians. “He did it solidly. But we let the pitchers down,” said Scherfisee.

Even with US import Luke Turner, who took over as a pitcher from the third inning, things didn’t go any better for the Elmshorners. Missed outs and dropped balls reflected yet another disappointing performance that resulted in their third doubles defeat of the current series.

Alligators don’t just need support

Coach Scherfisee has no illusions four games before the end of the main round: “In order to get into the playoffs, we don’t just need a lot of support. A miracle would have to happen.” In any case, the Elmshorners can no longer reach the targeted fifth place on their own.



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