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Angela Tenorio in speed, Magaly Jaramillo running and Julio Mendoza in equestrian sports added the most recent gold medals for Team Ecuador in the XIX Bolivarian Games Valledupar 2022, in Colombia.

Mendoza was the winner in the mixed open individual training modality in equestrian sports, for a total score of 77.295 to beat Colombian riders Diego Pérez and Andrea Vargas, who completed the podium.

In athleticsthe national team got gold and silver in the final of the 100 meters female with Angela Tenorio and Anahi Suarezrespectively.

“I am very excited about the gold I just got for my country; also for the mark I made, which was 11.14 seconds, which is my best mark of the year”, said Tenorio, who also “retains the title of Bolivarian champion of the distance and set a championship record”, as summarized by the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee.

National marchers maintain their dominanceand to the gold obtained on Friday in distances of 20 kilometers, ladies and men, was added the gold in 35 kilometers with Magaly Bonilla.

The ambateña walker prevailed with 2 hour record 59 minutes 34 secondsin front of the Colombian Arabelly Orjuela and the Peruvian Evelyn Inga.

in hammer throw got bronze with Valeria Chiliquingaby achieving a record of 67.97 meters.

The bronze went also to the national cycling teamwhich in the test of team speed beat Chile to take third place, behind Colombia and Venezuela, who defined gold. Cristian Gutierrez, Francisco Bone and Allan Lozano They reached third place in the category.

The mixed team archery added another bronze medal for Ecuador, with Blanca Rodrigo and Mateo Oleas.

In BMXthe tricolors Doménica Azuero and Doménica Mora won silver and bronze, respectively. Colombia took first place.

in golf medal was added silver with Daniela Darquea in individual, which also contributed with silver in mixed teams, along with Anika Twenty, Jose Miranda and John Moncayo.

in archery bronze was also achieved in mixed compound bow team with Mateo Oleas and Blanca Rodrigo.

The team of Weightlifting also added his first medals with Victor Garridowho in the 61-kilogram category achieved silver and bronze in snatch (119 kg) and jerk (142 kg).

Johnny Arteagain the 55-kilogram division, also won a double medal, with plata in snatch (98 kg) and bronze in clean and jerk (120 kg).

in speed boating silver and bronze were obtained. Anggie Avegno and Maoli Angulo they were second in the women’s C2 500, while Cristhian Solá and Gerson León were third in the men’s division.

This Saturday, stefanie perdomo also won a medal bronze in canoeing, K1 200 m mode, by establishing a time of 48:32 seconds. (D)



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