Asian Games gold squash, test event held

The Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee announced that a squash match could be held immediately. The opening of September this year has been postponed indefinitely due to the aftermath of COVID-19, but the tournament is being prepared as scheduled.
On the 3rd, the organizing committee unveiled the inside and outside of the Hangzhou Asian Games squash stadium. The previous day, as a test event, a Chinese domestic competition in which 60 athletes participated was held and all facilities were checked to see if they were operating normally.
Squash has been adopted as an official event of the Asian Summer Games since 1998 in Bangkok, Thailand. Mixed doubles was added to this Hangzhou Games, and the scale increased to five gold medals along with men’s and women’s singles and team events. Korea has won three bronze medals so far.

↑ The Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee held the Chinese domestic competition as a squash test event on the 2nd. Photo: Provided by Hangzhou City Provincial Government

The Organizing Committee made the Hangzhou Asian Games Squash Stadium open to the public from 9 am to 6 pm every day, including weekends. You can purchase tickets through the website or application.
The Hangzhou provincial government is also opening the ▲Badminton ▲Roller Skating ▲Skateboard Asian Games venues through online advance reservations. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, a maximum of 300 people can enter a single indoor space.
Earlier, the organizing committee announced the completion of the baseball, softball, artistic swimming (water ballet), diving, swimming, basketball, athletics, tennis, and soft tennis stadiums to be used during the Hangzhou Asian Games.
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