Archery in Tenero, aperitif in Mendrisio

Two days away from the Federal Palace. The Federal Council began its traditional excursion yesterday, first going to the Canton of Schaffhausen, where it took a trip on the Rhine. river waters. There were also meetings with the local population, including some opponents of the anticovid measures such as Nicolas A. Rimoldi, founder of the Mass-Voll movement and well-known face of the protests in Switzerland.

In the afternoon the seven federal councilors went to Ticino, more precisely to the national youth sports center in Tenero where, in front of a large group of young people, they proved their skills with archery. An opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Youth + Sport.

Meeting with Mario Botta and the population in Mendrisio
The government tour continued today in our canton. This morning the members of the Executive went to the headquarters of the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture. Here a meeting took place with the famous Ticino architect Mario Botta, who explained the history of the university.

After a brief meeting with the press at Palazzo Turconi, where some environmentalists have hung banners against pollution and the bridge of the A2 in the district, at noon an aperitif was organized in the park of Villa Argentina, where members of the federal executive they will have a chat with the population.

The event dedicated to Ukraine
After the two-day trip, the federal executive will, if possible, take a few days off before meeting again on August 17 for the first ordinary session. But first there is still an important appointment at the gates, the conference for the reconstruction of Ukraine in Lugano. “Whatever happens, it will be a success,” Ignazio Cassis told Ticinonews.



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