Archery: 3D World Championships in Umbria, Scarzella “We aim to do well”

320, representing 30 nations, will be taking part in Ternano PERUGIA – Umbria will host the 3D Archery World Championships from 4 to 10 September with 320 participants representing 30 nations. The event, which takes the name of Rinehart World Archery 3D Championship, will be held in the province of Terni. The national president of Fitarco, Mario Scarzella, presented it at a press conference in Perugia. “When we proposed Terni’s candidacy to host this world championship competition – said Scarzella – all the other candidate cities were almost forced to take a step back, considering the beauty of this territory of Umbria and the organizational skills already shown in past. It will be an event of great impact on the territory also on the economic level, considering that the participants will stay 10 days in this territory “. The president of Fitarco underlined that “on a sporting and competitive level, Italy is an avant-garde nation and one of the most qualified. We are favorites and therefore we aim to do well and we want to be thrilled to see the flag rise and hear the anthem play. national team for our athletes on the podium “. The 3D discipline It is one of the less known archery specialties, albeit widely practiced. It includes competition courses surrounded by greenery, with shots on silhouettes of various sizes positioned on a slope and at unknown distances. The divisions that take part in this type of competition are the naked bow, the longbow, the compound and the instinctive bow. The Azzurri national team is led by technical director Giorgio Botto, assisted by coaches Vincenzo Scaramuzza, Daniele Bellotti and Antonio Tosco. The assignment of the world championship follows the organizational successes achieved in the region on the occasion of the European Field Shooting Championships in 2013 and the 3D World Championships in 2015. Umbria is therefore once again an important place for international archery, thanks to the commitment of the company “Arcieri Città di Terni” and the support of the Italian Archery Federation. The competitions will take place in Terni (Archery Village), Stroncone (qualifying, preliminary and team finals) and in the magnificent scenery of the archaeological park of Carsulae (individual finals). The president of the Regional Council of Umbria, Donatella Tesei, also spoke at the conference, confirming that “Umbria is increasingly showing itself to be a land with all the characteristics to host positive national and international events and it is a pride to have in September a world championship of this magnitude “. – Photo ame / Italpress -. ame / mc / red 04-Jul-22 14:49



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