Antonio Casale taunts against Andres Felipe Roman in Millonarios vs Nacional by Liga Betplay | football curiosities

After several disappointments in the local championship, millionaires he smiled again. The albiazul box prevailed by far in the Athanasius Girardot and expanded his unbeaten streak in Antioquia territory (five years without losing).

As expected, social networks reacted massively to what the unmissable Colombian soccer classic left.

Antonio Casale was all the rage in the pre-match and post-match. The well-known journalist and self-confessed blue fan referred not only to the capital’s victory but also took the opportunity to send various ‘messages’ to Andres Felipe Romanwho left the ambassador institution to join the green paisa.

Casale began to warm up the classic prior to the initial whistle. On his Twitter account he posted: “Dear Roman, today can be a great day for you and your team”. This as a ‘mufa’, because he himself trilled the same thing before a crucial game of the ambassador and due to bad luck he stopped doing it.

The match passed and Millos took the first three points of the semester, thanks to the annotations of Daniel Ruiz and Luis Carlos Ruiz.

Once the duel was over, Casale uploaded his customary analysis of the albiazul team to the networks. Although he highlighted the high points of Gamero’s team at Atanasio, he started it all with another message to Román.

Dedicated to Andrés Felipe Roman. Look what you missed, Roman. The game that everyone wants to win in Millonarios is Medellín against Nacional and he won it with tremendous authority.”, he said in the first instance.

“In the individual figure Luis Carlos Ruíz, beyond the goal, because he was one more in attack, in the development of the game he participated, he was together with Ruíz, Mackalister and Larry Vásquez… when they are well, the team collectively works. Millonarios made Atlético Nacional look bad and took advantage of the options. It is more the marker could have been longer as for a historic night”, he added.

“The feeling remains that if Millonarios plays home runs in three or four games like these, he can dream. Sure you can. Great day. epic. This is what the people of Millionaires expect, this is how they get out of the potholes”, he concluded.


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