An era ends at Real Madrid | Basket Magazine

An era ends at Real Madrid |  Basket Magazine

It was announced that Real Madrid, which played in the final of THY Euroleague last season, will not continue with the legendary head coach of the team, Pablo Laso.

The explanation was as follows:

“Real Madrid CF have decided not to retain Pablo Laso as the head coach of their first basketball team solely and exclusively for medical reasons.

After our coach suffered a heart attack a few weeks ago, Real Madrid had several consultations with doctors and cardiologists, all of whom expressed the obvious risk to the health of his continuing as coach of the team at this time.

Last week, Real Madrid asked Pablo Laso to stop managing the first team, fully comply with the economic conditions set in the contract, wait to see how his physical condition will develop this season and reanalyze the situation in March or April.

Real Madrid thinks it would be absolutely irresponsible not to make this decision after this acute coronary event that caused our coach to have surgery and go to the intensive care unit.

The priority of the club is, above all, the health of Pablo Laso, and this is due to his respect and love for him.

Real Madrid can understand that this decision upsets our coach, but nothing, not even Real Madrid, is above anyone’s health and in this case it is a risk that this institution cannot avoid.


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