American fund ahead attention Australia

Renzo Parodi makes a new point on the sale of Sampdoria: an American fund has the advantage but watch out for a fund in Australia …

Who will be the new owner of the Sampdoria? Renzo Parodi tries to answer this question once again. On the Facebook page of the well-known journalist there is a certainty: “Of course he will not be Italian. Certainly he will not be a private entrepreneur ”.

The information in the hands of the former signature of Il Secolo XIX and La Repupllica, lead “to an Anglophone investment fund, a term that includes both the United States and Anglo-Saxon countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia”.

But “The hot track would be American. I wrote it for a few weeks and I had identified the suitor in the US tycoon David Blitzer, 52 years old, very active in the sports world of the United States (hockey, basketball, baseball, football), and senior executive of the private equity fund Blackrock. A manager who according to Forbes has a personal fortune of 5.2 billion dollars. (…) I cannot exclude that other subjects made in the USA took the field in addition to Blitzer, who had shown a concrete interest in Sampdoria, carrying out the due diligence. One name that comes to mind is James Pallotta, former patron of Rome, recently defeated in the race to buy Palermo from the Arabs of Manchester City. Owner of the Raptor hedge fund, Pallotta had admitted that he wanted to return to Italian football. Sampdoria would offer him the opportunity … “

Again according to Parodi, “times are getting shorter. The investor is in a hurry to take over the helm of the Sampdoria club. The timing could therefore allow us to fix the closing of the operation in September “.

Sale of Sampdoria, Parodi: US fund must make an official offer to Vidal

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Sampdoria sale, Renzo Parodi: American fund ahead but watch out for Australia

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“First step, the presentation of a formal offer. Not yet binding but with an indication of the purchase price. Subject to further verification, in minute detail, of the accounts of the Sampdoria. Once this verification has been completed (which, as far as we know, may have already been carried out), the binding formal offer addressed to the trustee would start. Vidal, having verified its congruity with respect to the provisions issued by the Roman court, he would be obliged to accept it. Thus starting the sale of the club “.

Sale of Sampdoria, interest of an Australian fund?

Renzo Parodi then collects a rumor that, in some way, would still see the involvement, albeit indirect, of Garrone family:

“I have a duty to give you one last rumor – I say voice, not news – that I have collected and bring up an Australian investment fund. Our thoughts turn to the new partner of Erg, the IFM Investors fund, which a few days ago acquired 35% of the new holding of the Garrone-Mondini family. The Aussies shelled out around one billion euros and got an option for a further half-billion capital increase. EIF manages 133 billion of assets and in Italy it had invested in the construction of the Bre-Be-Mi motorway. The partnership with Erg is aimed at the development of alternative energies and the energy transition, a horizon in overwhelming development in Europe “.

The operation, if it were carried out, would see the intervention of Australian investment bank Macquiriefrom which through Panconi la Sampdoria is negotiating a loan. I have not found confirmation under IFM Investors and therefore I offer it to you with all the necessary precautions. In the hypothesized scheme, IFM would intervene to save Sampdoria with the prospect of making investments in Genoa and Liguria, presumably in port and road infrastructures. No fund would be satisfied with buying Sampdoria, but would like to invest in the “hot” sectors (…).

(…) “I add the silent, very discreet support work by Edoardo Garrone which did not miss its financial contribution, allowing the registration to the championship (the famous liquidity index) and allowing the club to set up the new season “.

“We are now at the crucial moment for the future of the club. Within a couple of months, three at most, the transfer process should be completed, within and in compliance with the conditions set by the bankruptcy court of Rome for the Rosan trust, guaranteed by Sampdoria. Things finally run. It is not certain that it will be possible to close the deal in time to intervene on the market and yet the new owner – even before the closing, in September – would make its arguments weigh, through financial interventions in terms of urgency. Americans? Likely. But here I stop… “.

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