Alcoy recognizes its podium athletes

El Agora It has been the setting chosen for the act of recognition and delivery of trophies to the athletes from Alcoy who have managed to get on the podium in both national and European competitions in this 2021-2022 season.

The councilor of sports, Alberto Belda, congratulated them and encouraged everyone to continue working to improve their results. Mayor, Anthony Frenchhas joined these words and thanked all the athletes who represent the city wherever they go.

This act was normally done in the Plenary Hall but as Frances said “we don’t all fit there” and this season 53 athletes from Alcoy have been recognized from 21 different modalities.


Jorge Bardisa in Athletics

Nicolás Cabanes in Motoring

Ovidi Albert in Duathlon – Triathlon

Alexander Mérida in Swimming

Joan Montes in Orientation

Ángel Ruiz in Paddle Surf

M.ª José Albero in Wheelchair Slalom

Alejandro Reyes in Boxing

Abel Sempere in Chess

Andrea Silva in Figure Skating

Jacobo Santana in Enduro

Javier Martinez in Darts

Daniela Picó in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Arnau Aracil, Claudia Carrasco, Bernat Seguí and Gaizka Porras in Judo

Vicente García, Yago Mario Casanova and Carlos Galera in BMX

Vicente Pascual and Francisco García in Precision Shooting

Sergio Del Olmo, Àngels Alcaraz and Manuel Candela in Archery

Jordi Gómez, Alejandro Verdú, Jacobo Balmaseda and Pablo Beltrán in Rink Hockey

Guillem Martí, Alejandro Rojas and Carlos Requena in Nordic Walking Lucía Casabuena, Àngela Mengual, Emma Vilaplana, Max Valor, Lola Galiana, Valeria Cortell, Marc Peris, Patricio Herrero, Melissa Ocaña, Aitana Morant, Néstor Abad, Maia Llácer and Laura Casabuena in Artistic Gymnastics

Dani Ruiz, Raul Ruiz, Carla Cortés, Lirios Santoyo, Juan Miguel Segorbe, Sandro Ribes, Sami Abdelkarim and Alejandro Lara in Traditional Taekwondo



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