Albion was superior to Rodó and continues to rise

Direct rivals faced each other in the match for the “bottom” table in ‘B’, where Albion beat Rodó well, perhaps with a score that did not match what one and the other did. The winner was far superior, in chances created above all.
In the first half, Albion, led by Carlos Núñez and Nicolás Dornells, generated several scoring situations that were neutralized by both the papal defense and goalkeeper De Cuadro.
In the complement, despite the changes, Rodó did not improve in offense, even with the entry of coach Francesco Da Silva, who had the two best arrivals, without much danger.
On the Albion side, the ball was handled better and the only thing missing was to get it into the net, something that was only achieved on 39′ after a perfect definition by the figure of the match, Núñez, scoring the final 1-0 to win a win more than deserved.
Enrique H. Olaizola


Stadium: Ernest Dickinson. Crowd: 100. Referee: Jonathan Guguielmone (6). Assistants: Ignatius Sanudo-Victor Rodriguez.
He shot: Marcelo De Cuadro, Cristian Estegiano, Nahuel Ortelli, Edwar Suárez, Gustavo Rosado, Jonathan Cabrera, David Rodríguez, Bruno Rodríguez, Enzo González, Marcos Díaz, Richard Duarte. DT: Francesco Da Silva. Substitutes: Braian Blanco, Marcos Martínez.
Albion: Leonardo Fagúndez, Eduardo Rosa, Juan I. Dávila, David Porto, Rodrigo Bravo, Ramiro Escobar, Manuel Rondán, Jorge Chiappa, Nicolás Dornells, José Irigoyen, Carlos Núñez. DT: Juan R. Dávila. Substitutes: Cristian García, Martín Cavalheiro, Juan González, Andrés Sánchez, Edison Moraes.
Substitutions: P/T 35′ Nicholas Estevez for Escobar (A); S/T 0′ Maximilian Mendez by Chiappa (A); Gonzalo Ferreira by Diaz (R); 19′ Kevin Bonilla and Ramon Avicento by Estegiano and E. Gonzalez (R); 28′ Fabio Fontes by Ortelli (R); 32′ Francesco Da Silva is fouled by D. Rodriguez (R).
Goal: S/T 39′ Carlos Núñez (A).
The best in the field: Carlos Núñez. The best of Rodó: Edwar Suárez.



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