AJ Pacher, a long coach for the new Allianz Trieste –

Trieste hires Andrew Joseph Pacher, a 2.08 long American who has trodden the A2 parquet for many years, after two very good seasons in Ferrara.
Finally in the top flight, he deserved to get there before and will certainly make a great season in this new one Allianz Trieste.
Striker, rebounder and team man, he arrives as an expert element in one Trieste that will focus on the benefitsin: has all the qualities, both technical both humanto be one of the elements that will be able to take on various responsibilities both in attack and in the locker room.

In the words of the new coach Marco Legovich

AJ Pacher is a very flexible player, despite his physical size. From the height of his 208 cm he is able to be incisive in the painting, but he is also able to open the field thanks to his three-point shot and the one-on-one from the dribble.


Excellent two-dimensional striker (shoulders and front to the basket), he is a modern technical and agile 4 (not a great athlete, but with good body control), who does not mind having the ball in his hand and, in some situations, managing the game ( 2.6 assists per game).

Great shooter and rebounder, he already stands out at the university for his skills as a striker:

He is very smart in moving off the ball, has excellent hands to close near the iron and is respected under the boards (sixth for defensive rebounds in LNP), so he could play even 5 minutes.

In Ferrara it was used a lot for its double size and having excellent fundamentals, it is sometimes noticed also bringing the ball into the opponent’s half (with some small errors every now and then, especially steps, which leads him to 2.1 turnovers per game).

Catch and shoot, especially from 3 points (above 38%), and post ups are his favorite conclusions, but his strength is the ability to know how to do a bit of everything well in attack. He has fast feet from the front and is an intelligent player who knows how to take advantage of cuts and knows how to attack mismatches in isolation against longs of weight. Also excellent in transition closures.



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