Aitana Díez reinforces her training as a technician

The Huesca coach Aitana Díez has completed in Madrid the level 2 trainer course, which took place from July 13 to 29 with intense sessions of 10 hours a day at the High Performance Center.

This course serves the Badminton Huesca coach to improve your training and to be able to enrich the daily training sessions at the club. He points out that level 1 is more territorial in nature and focused on technification at the base, while this level 2 it is focused on somewhat older categories, under-15 and under-17 and with a view to performance. It is also something that will help him in a club with so much potential at those ages and that aspires to continue improving the training of the boys who come from the lower categories.

Aitana Díez had already worked with the Federation in the Se Busca Campeón program as coordinator in Aragón, but she points out that these days have given you a lot and, in addition, they have allowed him to meet other technicians.

They have received both theoretical and, above all, practical training on the track, in all aspects and in five large blocks: physical preparation, technique and tactics, the didactic part, regulations or professional development. All this, with the technicians of the Spanish Federationsuch as the sports director of FESBA, Arturo Ruiz, or the coach, Ernesto García and experts in each field, as well as invited technicians such as Diemo Ruhnow, former German national team, who has worked with them on doubles tactics.

the father thanks the club for the facilities given to take the course and hopes that it will serve to improve his work at Badminton Huesca, which has an excellent technical team.

And points out that Would you like to do the level 3 course in the future?focused on high performance, although it is convened once every several years.



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