Agen Basket Club will play in National 3 next season

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The Agen Basket Club is currently going through a delicate period. After several adventures, the Agen training asked to evolve in National 3 next season. It will be.

ABC’s life is not always a long calm river. The last few days have been particularly turbulent. At the end of the general assembly on Friday, June 24, it seemed certain that at the club’s request, the senior team would be downgraded to pre-national. During the weekend, various elements intervened which prompted the club’s leaders to finally opt for a descent to National 3.

The one who, for a few more days, is president of the ABC, Jean-Louis Carnir, explains: “We were first told that we risked not being able to play in the Pre-National, as we wanted, because the hens are already overcrowded there, so we could have expected relegation to Regional 2 or 3. Then, our decision to demand a descent after an exemplary season in sporting terms caused an electric shock to some of the most loyal partners of the club who showed their support. Finally, our mayor was very keen that the club’s flag team continue to evolve in National.” Out of time (closing on Friday June 24 at midnight), the ABC therefore asked to play in National 3. “During the weekend, the officials of the Federation had not worked on the calendar and the hens of N3. Monday morning, it was confirmed to us that we were selected at this national level.

On Wednesday evening, a final meeting between Jean-Louis Carnir, accompanied by Martine Archiapati, treasurer, and officials of the town hall, including the chief magistrate, enabled the leaders of the ABC to note that the municipality had the firm intention of remaining by their side.

The “Stadium 2025” project well underway

During the general meeting, Alain Klajman, deputy mayor in charge of sports, had mentioned the major developments of the Stadium envisaged to the tune of around one million euros. The “Stadium 2025” project, an additional commitment by the municipality for the current term of office, would make it possible to provide all the associations that use the Stadium with a hyper-efficient tool: repair of the parquet floor, development of the rotunda in a reception area with kitchen, installation of dressing rooms, weight rooms but also meeting rooms (video room)… “A major project which will offer associations including the ABC a shared living space which will greatly improve the life of the clubs and allow them to develop “, confirms Jean-Louis Carnir, who remains on the board of directors to continue to carry out this project, proposed for a long time by the ABC to the municipality.

Under these conditions, it seemed a little incoherent that the flagship team of Agenais basketball descended to the Regional.

A team to build for the 2022/2023 season

It is the new leaders of the ABC who will be in charge of constituting the team which will therefore evolve in National 3. In all probability, this team could rely on local players who have perfectly held their rank in National 2 this season: Adil Abbassi, Ibrahima M’Bengue (Ibou), Ryan Khelifi and Steeve Soliman. Two or three young people from the club could join them. Will probably remain to recruit an interior and possibly a position 3/4 years knowing that the budget of the ABC will be one of the most modest of N3.

A lot of work to do for future CBA leaders.



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