After Estonia adventure: basketball players count on home crowd

Less than 48 hours after the home adventure from Estonia, Germany’s basketball players are waiting for the first part of the World Cup qualification to be completed.

In the duel with Poland, the protégés of national coach Gordon Herbert in the early evening (6 p.m. / Magentasport) are also building on the audience in the large Bremen town hall. In terms of sport, things have been going well lately, with Germany clinching four consecutive wins after the embarrassing defeat at the start against Estonia.

problems on the way home

The trip from Tallinn to Bremen, on the other hand, did not go according to plan on Friday. NBA star Dennis Schröder and Co. only arrived in the Hanseatic city on the night of Saturday, more than eight hours late. After a two-hour delay in the flight to Frankfurt am Main and the cancellation of the connecting flight, the luggage had to be waited for four hours, according to a statement from the German Basketball Association (DBB). Since the trains to northern Germany were overcrowded, the basketball players traveled to Bremen by bus.

Against Poland, it is now a matter of improving your own starting position for a ticket for the 2023 tournament in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. Starting in August, the game will be played against three other teams in a complicated format, including the Finns and European champions Slovenia with NBA star player Luka Doncic. “The starting position is very positive now,” said Vice President Armin Andres.

Great hopes rest on Schröder again, who already showed positive signs with the 88:57 in Estonia, but still has room for improvement, especially when it comes to the shooting rate. “Dennis made a very good contribution. You can tell the team is on a slightly different level with him. He gives the team a lot of stability. But he is also very good at setting the scene for his teammates. So the others have a little more air, »explained Andres.

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